abdominale schmerzen bei einem vorschulkind. vergiftung bei kindern. der junge hält seine hände in die bauchhöhle

Was sind Magen-Migräne bei Kindern?

Stomach migraine, also known as abdominal migraine, is a type of migraine that is most common in children. It is more common in children if there are a history of migraine sufferers. Although stomach migraines are uncommon in adults, they can be experienced by around 2% of children. Boys are more likely to suffer from stomach migraines than girls. As they age, children who suffer from stomach migraines are more likely to develop migraine headaches.


Untreated abdominal migraines are the main reason for them continuing to develop later in life. Although stomach migraines are a part of the migraine family of disorders, the pain is usually felt in the stomach. It is usually located near the navel or middle. The stomach muscles contract vigorously to relieve the pain.

Some people may feel bloated, or have an acidic stomach. Like adult migraine, abdominal migraines are often triggered by a trigger. It is not clear what causes stomach migraine. It is believed that stomach migraines are caused by chemical changes in the body, histamine or serotonin. These chemicals occur naturally in the human body.

Chemical Changes

Both headaches and stomach pain could be caused by chemical changes. Both stress and anxiety can cause fluctuations in these chemicals. It is possible that psychological factors could trigger migraines. Many people who suffer from migraines in the abdomen have high anxiety levels. This causes them to raise their adrenaline levels. This makes the pain worse.

Other than psychological triggers for abdominal migraine, certain foods like chocolate, processed meats, and Chinese food may also cause it. You should look out for symptoms such as severe or acute midline pain, nausea, vomiting, pale skin, and inability to eat if your child is suffering from stomach migraine. The stomach pain can last from one hour to three days. This could be a sign of a variety of conditions, so stomach migraine is often not diagnosed in children.

Gut zu wissen

Contrary to adult migraine, which may be preceded by an aura or warning, stomach migraine is severe and sudden. The severity of the pain may not be obvious and there may not be any warning signs. It is difficult to diagnose abdominal migraine. Because children often have difficulty describing what they feel, it can be difficult to diagnose abdominal migraine. A family history of migraines is important.

First, eliminate all other causes of stomach pain. A log of all attacks can be helpful in diagnosing the condition. To rule out stomach migraine, the doctor will examine the duration of the attack, the child’s diet, and other factors. Because no treatment is available, there is not much information about stomach migraines. Doctors might treat stomach migraines the same way as they treat other migraines.


Some of these treatments may not be suitable for children. Prevention is the best course of action. Both adults and children suffering from stomach migraines should try to identify their trigger. Some foods can trigger abdominal migraines, as we have already mentioned. It may be beneficial to avoid certain foods and keep a log. It is a good idea to limit artificial substances in foods. It is important to avoid acidic drinks and ensure regular exercise is a part of your daily life.