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What Are Great Cures From The Kitchen?

You might find a solution in your kitchen cabinet, spice rack, or refrigerator the next time you are sick. There is increasing evidence that certain foods, household staples and other home remedies can help with common health problems. These simple remedies are being used by many doctors who are concerned about antibiotic overuse and the tendency to treat minor ailments in excess. These treatments are not just folklore, they are all medically proven.

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Natural substances can cause side effects, just like other medicines. If you have an unusual reaction to the therapy, stop taking it immediately. Ginger calms queasiness and relieves symptoms of colds. Ginger has a soothing effect on the stomach. Studies have shown that ginger capsules can counter motion sickness and nausea. Dr. Elson Haas is a doctor at a preventive medical centre. He suggests making ginger tea by boiling three to four thin slices of ginger root in two cups water for approximately 10 minutes.

Cover it and let it steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Add honey and lemon to your ginger tea for a better tasting brew. Combine equal amounts of dried orange peel and cloves with rosemary to make a tonic that stimulates digestion. Allow the mixture to steep for ten minutes.


Ginger tea may help relieve the pain of colds by increasing circulation. Haas uses compresses to treat mild bronchitis and chest congestion. Warm ginger tea can be used to wet a washcloth. Place it on your chest, and then cover it with plastic wraps and a towel. It should be kept in place until it cools. It is best to not apply ginger root directly on the skin as it can be irritating. Baking soda can reduce itching.

Baking soda can be added to a quart of cool, water in a bowl or half a cup in the tub. This will often soothe itching from rashes, chicken pox, or poison ivy. It can also relieve anal or vaginal itching. It can be soaked in or applied with compresses, according to Dr. Loraines Stern. It can dry your skin. These treatments or a paste made of baking soda and water are often effective for insect bites. However, children under 5 years old should be cautious as their delicate skin may be irritated.


Tea bags can be used to dry out canker sores and sweaty feet. Litt says that tea’s tannic acid acts as an astringent, which helps feet stay dry and less odorprone. Boil one pint of water and two bags of tea for 15 minutes. Then add the solution to a two-quart saucepan of cool water. To keep your feet smelling fresh, soak them in warm water for 20 minutes each day for a week. Then rinse with cool water once a week. To relieve canker sore pain, soak a teabag in warm water. Then, wring the bag and place it on the sore for five to ten seconds.

Repeat the process every three to four hours. Cayenne pepper powder warms the feet. Garlic is good for fighting the flu and cold. Studies have shown that some chemical constituents of garlic can kill disease-causing germs. Haas suggests taking the herb when you have a sore throat, a cold, or flu. To make a dish, add two to three fresh-pressed cloves per portion. For maximum healing power, make this special soup.