Frau mit Kopfschmerzen

Was sind die häufigsten Ursachen für Kopfschmerzen?

It shouldn’t surprise that headaches can be caused by many different causes. There are many causes of headaches, including medical conditions such as brain tumors or cerebral aneurysms. The most common headaches have common causes. A headache can be caused by simple eyestrain, such as from working too hard at the computer. A sinus infection can also be the cause in some cases. A headache can also be caused by certain prescription medications.

Blood Vessels

Although the exact cause of headaches is unknown, it is believed that narrowing of blood vessels may be responsible in many cases. The blood vessel walls are lined by pain sensitive nerve fibers that run through the head. When they contract, the nerves activate and send signals to brain. The brain cannot feel pain, ironically, because it lacks pain sensitive nerve cells. This is why tension-type headaches or cluster headaches are possible. Your blood vessels can dilate and contract, and when they do so, migraines and cluster headaches are possible.

Research suggests that migraines are not the only thing that can cause them. Tension, or tension-type headaches, can also be caused by tension in the neck, jaw and muscles. TMJ disorder is a condition where tension in the temporomandibular joints causes the jaw to close against the skull.

Secundary Headaches

Sometimes, headaches can be caused by an underlying condition. These are called ‘secondary headaches’. There are many underlying conditions that can lead to headaches, including scarlet fever and irritable bowel syndrome. Many times, environmental factors play a significant part in headaches. Carbon monoxide poisoning, such as the gas produced from many water heaters and a car’s exhaust, can cause severe headaches.

In fact, a headache is the most common sign of carbon monoxide poisoning. Other causes include allergies and food poisoning. Even if food isn’t directly toxic, as in the case of food contaminated by a bacterial disease, some people may be sensitive to foods that aren’t harmful to their health. Common foods like cheese and chocolate can cause headaches for some people, as can certain preservatives, caffeine, and red wine.

Erinnern Sie sich an

There are many other factors that can be controlled to reduce headaches such as posture, position, and a variety of other factors. We are seeing more eye strain, neck tension, and jaw stress as a result of the increasing use of computers. Nearly nine out of ten headaches can be attributed to common tension headaches. These headaches are often caused by one or more of these factors. The cure is easy and can be done at your own pace in most cases.