Frontalansicht von Mädchen's Wangen und Kinn mit Aknenarben

Was sollten Sie über Akne-Behandlungen wissen?

Praktisch jeder kämpft irgendwann in seinem Leben mit Akne. In der Regel während der Pubertät, aber es gibt viele, die Akne-Probleme bis in ihre Dreißiger und sogar danach haben. Infolgedessen überschwemmen Produkte, die Akne behandeln oder sogar verhindern sollen, den Markt. Zunächst einmal gibt es Seifen, die gegen Akne helfen.

Gut zu wissen

Much like any other soap, these should be used to wash the face, normally two times per day. Many of the labels will state that they operate by deep cleansing the pores by eliminating dirt and excess oil. Along with cleansers, there are a great deal of acne treatment astringents in the marketplace. These work like the soaps do by cleaning the pores and removing oil.

However, astringents are utilized by wetting a cotton pad with the astringent and then using the mat to cleanse the affected places.A common effect of both soaps and astringents is dry skin, as well as flushed, peeling skin. Fortunately, there are a good deal of moisturizing creams and lotions available for purchase which should alleviate the skin and keep it nice and smooth. Acne skin care remedies generally arrive in containers with more than 1 item.

For instance, an acne skincare treatment might have profound cleansing soap, astringent, and moisturizer all in one. For more serious acne, a dermatologist may also prescribe treatments. Some of them might have special stronger kinds of cleansers or astringents, but in plenty of cases, a dermatologist’s prescription includes medication in pill form to fight the acne from inside the body.


These acne treatments are quite robust and are usually only advised for individuals who have tried over-the-counter products to treat their acne with no success. Along with acne treatment medications, additionally, there are acne laser treatments which operate with a laser to shine light through the skin and activate the body’s natural bacteria fighting mechanisms. The result is fewer and less severe breakouts.

Die Akne-Laser-Behandlung ist nicht besonders schmerzhaft. Menschen, die das Mittel bekommen haben, beschreiben das Gefühl, wie mit einem Gummiring geknipst zu werden. Und das normale Tagesgeschehen wird nicht beeinträchtigt. Das Gesicht kann zwar leicht geschwollen und gerötet erscheinen, aber diese Zustände klingen in der Regel nach einigen Stunden bis wenigen Tagen nach der Laserbehandlung ab. Der Nachteil: Akne-Laserbehandlungen sind nicht gerade günstig. Eine alleinige Behandlung nur der Wangen kostet etwa $275. Und da es vier Behandlungen braucht, um die Akne tatsächlich zu verbessern, kostet es allein für die Lippen etwa $1100.


For people who’ve endured acne before and today have profound, atrophic scars, there’s something known as a laser acne scar treatment which may reduce those scars and make the skin look smooth and healthy. The scar removal works with a laser to be able to trigger the body to generate new skin in that area, thereby filling in the scar. This, also, is extremely expensive, costing about the same as the acne laser treatments. However, as there are so many different acne treatments available on the market these days, everyone has a far better probability of locating the right solution for their acne.