Senior gut aussehend sportman tun Stretching und Balancing Yoga-Übung zu Hause mit Online-Lektion auf Notebook. Wie gesund zu bleiben auf Quarantäne-Konzept.

Was kann Ihnen helfen, Ihren Körper zu Hause zu transformieren?

I don’t grab a whole lot of TV nowadays, but once I do, I really like seeing a show on HGTV called “Designed to Sell” – a program that reveals how staging a house can make it even more attractive to buyers and, finally, get it sold faster and at the desired price. During each show, a group composed of the house owners, a few carpenters, and a professional stager, handle and troubleshoot a recorded property that’s been sitting out there for a long .

Ein Vergleich

Das Ziel ist es, mit einem winzigen Budget und nicht viel Zeit das Problemhaus "Open House" vorzubereiten und hoffentlich zu verkaufen. In nur ein paar Tagen wird umgeräumt, umfunktioniert und umdekoriert, und die Ergebnisse sind fast immer atemberaubend. Der beste Teil dieser Serie ist natürlich die große "Vorher-Nachher"-Show, und bei einer kürzlich ausgestrahlten Folge fielen mir die Parallelen zwischen dem Herrichten eines Hauses für den Verkauf und dem Herrichten des Körpers auf.

In actuality, there are 3 major principles of home staging – exactly what the insiders call the three D Disassociate / De-clutter / Depersonalize – and these apply perfectly to . The first rule of thumb when seeking to market a house is to start acting as though your house is no longer yours. This requires moving beyond your physical and emotional connection to it, in addition to changing how you reside in it when you’re waiting to move to a better location.

Was ist zu tun?

The initial step in the disassociating procedure (whether it is your home or your physical appearance) would be to make it looking as fresh and new as you can RIGHT NOW. Then, make a vow to keep it looking fine as you make the transition between the old and the new. Buy a new pair of clothes or try out a new style. Get a new pair of shoes or go ahead and purchase that new ensemble – the one which matches NOW.

Too often, in the process of changing, we take a”wait until I’ve reached my , which may really slow the process of attaining your objective! and looking your best as you get healthy is one of the most often overlooked elements of creating a successful physical transformation. Nothing surpasses the of a room, or the people inside, like clutter. Unfortunately, once you’re accustomed to living with heaps of newspapers, unfolded laundry, and dirty dishes in the sink, it’s extremely easy to not notice how it affects everything else about you. Sure, it seems silly to believe that the reason you have not made it to the the past 4 months is due, in part, to how your car has to be cleaned out, however, I can assure you, there’s a connection.

Mark my word, if you would like to modify your body or change your address, among the smartest things you can do is get organized, put things in their place, and create some visual space so that you can think straight. Organize your linen closet, clean out your pantry, cut your set of glass elephants back to your three favorites. As you de-clutter, it may surprise you how many regions of your start to improve! When we insist on telling the “who I am” narrative as opposed to the “who I’m becoming” narrative, it tends to lock us to our old , ideas and actions – the very ones who got us stuck in the first location.


Um sich zu befreien, müssen wir gelegentlich aus uns selbst heraustreten und unser Leben, unsere Häuser und unseren Körper durch eine unparteiische Linse betrachten. Home Stagers tun dies, indem sie Hausbesitzer dazu ermutigen, ihre Häuser auf eine Art und Weise zu dekorieren und zu organisieren, die eine größere Bevölkerung anspricht.