Junger Mann mit Schmerzen im Nacken

Kommen meine Migränekopfschmerzen vom Nacken?

Heather, eine Patientin in meiner Klinik, sagte kürzlich, sie wünschte, sie hätte gewusst, dass ihre Migränekopfschmerzen aus dem Nacken kommen. Ich wünschte, ich hätte schon vor Jahren gewusst, dass Sie für mich da sind. Heather litt 10 Jahre lang unter Migränekopfschmerzen. Ihre Kopfschmerzen waren ziemlich lähmend. [...]

Deep tissue massage

Are There Secret Home Remedies For Neck Pain?

Due to the large number of clients who come in complaining about a variety of issues, the area of the neck and head have always been important to the practitioner. There are many strings to our therapeutic treatment bow, including Deep Tissue Massage and Neuromuscular Techniques. They all work wonderfully. […]

Woman with headache

How To Manage Migraine Pain?

Children are more likely to experience abdominal migraines. Many children who suffer from abdominal migraines become migrainers as they get older. Although abdominal migraine is not uncommon in adults, it’s rare. It is more common in females than it is in males, just like other types of migraine. Although the […]

Die Frau benutzt eine Creme, um die Haut des Halses mit Feuchtigkeit zu versorgen

Beginnen Kopfschmerzen im Nacken?

How many people are affected by headaches? According to the National Pain Foundation, only 30% of Americans suffering from headaches will seek treatment. What is stopping the 70% who suffer from recurring pain and discomfort from seeking treatment? It could be one the 3 lies people believe about headaches. It […]

Woman is having pain in her neck

How To Alleviate Neck Pain?

Heed the indicators: if headaches are causing you to irritable and your insufficient energy has you feeling overlooked while family and friends whirl past you prefer energizer bunnies, neck pain may be the issue. Perhaps drudging through a later date in the office seems nothing lacking dreadful because of that […]

Ein Mädchen in CST-Behandlung. Osteopathische Manipulation und CranioSacral-Therapie für Kinder und Erwachsene

Was sind zervikogene Kopfschmerzen?

Head and neck pain is also known as headaches. It can be throbbing or stabbing. Sometimes, it is not just confined to the head; it can also include pain from the neck. This is why it is called head and neck pain. There are three types of headaches: tension headaches, […]