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Wie kann man Migräne-Kopfschmerzen lindern?

While migraine headaches can be extremely painful, they can also have a significant impact on people’s lives. My chiropractor practice remembers Gary, a man in his 30s who suffered from migraine headaches. Gary brought his wife with him to my first meeting with Gary. We talked about his long history […]

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Am I Suffering From Tension Or Migraine Headaches?

Nearly everyone has experienced a headache. However, there are people who have learned how to get rid of them. These headaches are often caused by stress, depression, or anxiety. Tension headaches are the most common type. Tension headaches can be caused by tightening muscles in the jaw, neck, scalp, shoulders, […]

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How To Diagnose A Sinus Pain?

How do you know if you have migraine or sinus pain? A migraine is a condition that causes severe headaches. A migraine is a particular type of headache. A migraine is usually caused by blood vessels becoming twitchy, or spastic. Migraines can start with flashing lights, lightheadedness, needing to urinate […]


Was sind Kopfschmerzarten?

Es kann schwierig sein, zu bestimmen, welche Art von Kopfschmerzen jemand hat. Es gibt fünf Arten von Kopfschmerzen: Spannungskopfschmerzen, Clusterkopfschmerzen, Rebound-Kopfschmerzen, Sinuskopfschmerzen und Spannungskopfschmerzen. Die richtige Behandlung kann nur dann erfolgen, wenn man den Kopfschmerztyp identifizieren kann, an dem man leidet. A 2004 [...]

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How To Control Headache Symptoms?

Nearly everyone has experienced a headache once in their lives. Most headaches are temporary and can be treated with an over-the-counter pain medication such as Tylenol or Motrin. Tension (stress) and neck muscle spasm are the most common causes of headaches. However, there are many other illnesses that can cause […]

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What Are Types Of Headaches?

Many people mistakenly believe they have a migraine when they experience a headache. This is incorrect as migraines are completely different from the normal headache. You should seek medical attention if you suffer from persistent headaches. Sinus problems can cause headaches. Pressure from blocked sinuses can cause headaches. To make […]

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How To Tell What Type Of Headache I Have?

This article will help you identify the type of headaches that are bothering your head if you suffer from frequent headaches. Knowing what type of headaches you have will help you determine if you can treat them at home or if you need to see a healthcare professional. This article […]