Schwarz und weiß Jesus Christus öffnen leeren Hände mit Handfläche nach oben auf Himmel Hintergrund

Sollten wir auf die Heilung warten?

God, the Holy Spirit, brings forth healing. Healing isn’t just geared to only the physical, but may be manifested in different areas: psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Broken bones can be treated. Mental deficiencies can be treated. Those who have been injured or broken-hearted can be treated. Those who haven’t accepted Christ can be treated (emotionally – Christ).


All these kinds of recovery are real and can happen if we have faith. Understand that all healing doesn’t happen instantly. God allows some recovery to be delayed. What does it mean to be postponed? When something is postponed, more time has elapsed than what was anticipated. The results of the anticipation are behind schedule. Perhaps you have felt that God has been behind schedule in curing your situation? I’ve been guilty of this. Truth be told, God is an on-time God. We often find ourselves asking God to bless us with good health, more income, and also to take away burdens.

Those items alone can bring healing to many, particularly more income. What areas of our lives are we asking God to heal? Has God cured us in these regions? If not, does this mean that we aren’t healed nor does it imply that our recovery was delayed? Maybe, the delay would be to look at our spiritual stamina. We must bear in mind that whatever we ask of God in Jesus’ name, God will do it as long as it’s within His will.

Are you aware that whatever area of your life that’s unhealed affects more than just you? There’s a reason that we lack in certain areas of our lives. God can fill that emptiness and receive the glory in the procedure. It isn’t about us, but it’s about Jesus. Maybe you have noticed that we need things once we want them? We get uptight when we don’t get them when we need them. We treat God the exact same way.

So many questions

We ask God for something and we get uptight when the answers to our prayers don’t come when we first request them. The reason that we don’t get them right away is because they’ve been delayed. It does not imply that our healing isn’t coming. It means it will be on God’s time, not ours. In John 10, Jesus tells us he is the sheep gate and the only way to the Father is through Him. Those who believe in Him will have everlasting life.

Jesus told us to look out for the deceivers of the planet. Jesus talked about spiritual healing, but His resurrection opened the door for recovery in different regions. In John 11, Jesus will back up what He said. We find out that Lazarus is extremely sick and requires recovery. Mary and Martha believed that healing wasn’t coming but it was just postponed. In John 11:4, Jesus heard that Lazarus was ill and acknowledged it. Mary and Martha sent someone to inform Jesus that Lazarus was ill and was dying. Perhaps you have sent word to Jesus through your prayers that somebody near you is ill and requires some recovery? This is what we’re seeing here. Jesus tells the messenger(s) that the illness is on Lazarus for a reason.

The sickness that’s upon Lazarus would be to bring glory God, the Son and the Father. Sometimes God will use our sicknesses or lifeless situations to bring glory to Him after the tables have turned for the good. In verse 6, we find out that Jesus is in Jerusalem when He got the message. The text informs us that Jesus remains another 2 days in precisely the identical spot knowing the size of the circumstance. How often have we believed that Jesus wasn’t hearing us? How often have we felt the healing isn’t coming fast enough? It’s called delayed healing. The recovery is coming but not in the time that we need it to come. It will come in the time that it ought to come.

Verstehen wir es

We must understand that if we declare healing, it’s been manifested in the soul realm. We must let it manifest itself in the organic realm. Will we wait on the recovery? So Jesus tells the disciples to package and they’ll go to Bethany to check out the scene. Jesus tells the disciples that Lazarus is sleeping. The disciples believed that Lazarus was actually sleep. Jesus was speaking about sleep in the religious aspect.

He was dead. When Jesus got to Bethany, Lazarus had been dead for four days. It’s sorrow and mourning everywhere at this time. It’s necessary that verse 18 is touched upon. The text stated that Jesus was close to Jerusalem. It says that Jerusalem and Bethany was about fifteen furlongs off. That’s about two miles off. Jesus could have easily been there well before then being that the two cities were just two miles apart. There’s a reason. A resurrection had to happen. This one final miracle needed to occur that will play a significant role in the Pharisees getting together to plan to crucify Jesus. That was the final straw. The recovery is coming in due time but we have to wait on the Lord.

Sometimes God allows illness to come upon us and to linger to help others . Can you think of situations where someone was ill or going through and you had been strengthened in the long run? Someone in your household was terminally ill and you didn’t feel you could make it. Sometimes, healing comes in passing. When you die and are stored, there’s no more sickness. There’s eternal healing that has taken place.

Life changes

Many individuals have changed their lifestyles from poor to good because somebody died in their loved ones. If that individual wouldn’t have expired, then they would have continued to go down the road of destruction awaiting their number to be called. In verse 26, Martha starts to tell Jesus that she’s the faith. Whatever Jesus asks God, He will do it. Did she really get that she had been searching God directly in the face. Sometimes God is right there in the middle of our scenarios and we don’t understand who He is.

Our job is to reach out to God with faith and the recovery will come as did the woman with the dilemma of blood. Jesus tells Mary that people who believe in Him and live in Him will never die. This is the opportunity to perform a spiritual checkup. Are we living in Him by walking with Him on a daily basis? Those who obey the commandments of God will live forever, regardless of what happens here on earth. Do we actually believe in Christ and His resurrection? Do we believe he can heal us of any sicknesses? His death and resurrection allow all parts of healing to happen.

This opened the door for those gifts if recovery from the Holy Spirit to manifest itself to us. Verse 39 tells us the reason why this recovery was delayed. Jesus has been directed to the place where Lazarus lay. The place is a cave which has a rock blocking the entrance. This sickness/death has influenced several folks in the negative but God will turn the situation around to find glorified ultimately. Jesus tells the people there to take the stone away.


Many times, it’s the stones which have blocked our entry to life. It blocks our entry to being resurrected from our dead scenarios. The stones weren’t always stones. The stones were pebbles. The pebbles represent burdens. When we allow problems to collect, they add up. The pebbles become stones. The stones become boulders. We will need to manage the stones. The pebbles are a great deal lighter than the stones or boulders.

Once we remove the rocks in our lives, we may see the light. We can see our way out. Some people have had the rock in our lives removed. The exit is there but we’ve been in that lifeless situation for so long that we’ve forgotten how to walk to the exit to achieve freedom and have life once more. That yoke is a little more difficult to break off but it can be achieved. That type of situation requires an additional push from God.


That’s the reason why prayer is so vital. Prayer breaks through the barriers of any opposing force. Martha told Jesus that the body of Lazarus stinketh. Lazarus was in the grave for four days and he started to stink. Have you ever looked in a circumstance, yours or someone else, and stated that the situation really stinks. It looks like there’s absolutely no way out of it since we’ve been in it so long. It looks like there aren’t any options. We must remember that God is the power supply to deliver us from any situation no matter how bad it stinks. Take a look at verse 40. Jesus asked Martha a query. If you think, do you not see God’s glory? If we think that God is able, we’ll see change. Our religion ushers in the presence of the Lord. Where religion is, God is.

Where God is, His existence is

Where His existence is, His glory will be . In John 11:43, we see the power of Jesus. When Jesus is in the middle of your situation, you can believe that there’ll be positive change. What was dead will have life. Jesus told Lazarus to come out. He’s telling Lazarus to come out of the dead situation from the power of the Most High God. Did you know that we have that power to speak life into people around us who are going through? Jesus spoke life into Lazarus. To talk about life, we have to have our hearts. Life is the word of God. When we speak the word of God and think, we talk life. In verse 44, Lazarus came forth. He was resurrected. Jesus told the people around Him to loose Lazarus out of his tomb clothes. If we just reach a point where we realize what we’re wearing and get out of our grave clothes (lust, hatred, fornication, adultery, lying).

The sins listed above like other sins can help prepare us for eternal death. We tend to blame God for our scenarios. It’s not God that’s wrapping up us. It’s man that’s wrapping up us in grave clothes. We’ve seen again and again where we’ve walked around in grave clothes because our trials and tribulations have obtained our soul. The only way that we’ll have life again would be to remove the stone(s) in our own lives which have shut the exit to liberty (life). If you truly wish to be treated in every part of your life, don’t search for these remedies which are temporal. Look for healing that’s eternal. Turn to God. He’s the one which has true power to cure. Thanks for reading my posts.