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The immune system plays the most crucial part in your body’s ability to cure and prevent cancer. Modern”treatments” are largely directed at accomplishing what the immune system has failed to achieve, or working with the immune system to rid the body of the abnormal cells. In my lectures, the primary focus is on either fostering or encouraging appropriate immune function- inducing the body to respond the way God intended it to.


I can’t stress enough the importance of looking after your immune system. This naturally entails my Four Pillars of Great Health-diet, your activity level, your mind/spirit and your supplementation regimen. Our immune system can handle just so much stress. I overuse the term”the straw that broke the camel’s back”, but in this case none of us understand which straw will be the one to break our immune system’s back.

A genetic predisposition puts more weight on the camel’s back straight from the gate. A diet high in processed foods also puts extra weight on the camel’s back. Exposure to a toxic environment (it’s possible to eat organic, drink pure water, but you still need to breathe) is much more weight. And remember the daily grind-stress.


It is connected to just about every significant health problem (hypertension, obesity, cancer to name a few) confronting the modern world. What”straw” is it for you? Here are a few indicators of a taxed immune system. Listen to your body and do not allow the camel’s back break.

Do you have two or more colds during the year? Are you currently regularly using antibiotics? Are you experiencing fungal or yeast infections? Have You Got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Do you or have you had cancer? Have you ever been diagnosed with Lupus/MS/Rheumatoid Arthritis? Do you become exhausted? Have you got an issue with warts? Have you got frequent viruses, cold sores, or herpes? Do infections usually settle in head, neck, or torso? If you replied yes to any of them, you might not have the ability to deal with any more straw.

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Many years ago-there was a fear you could catch cancer from someone. We obviously know this not to be accurate, yet we tend to steer clear of those with this disease. Cancer is the number two killer of Americans. An estimated 700 million Americans will die from the disease this past year. Another 1.25-1.5 million Americans will be diagnosed with some kind of cancer this past year. The most common killing type of cancer is lung cancer.

This is followed by prostate and breast (depending on your sex) and then colorectal a close third. Regretfully, I feel all cancer is preventable yet most people won’t take the actions needed to protect against this horrible disease. The simple fact remains that if your immune system was working properly you would not get cancer. All of us create abnormal “cancer” cells every day. Free radical damage, environmental stress, anxiety, and other lifestyle choices all contribute to the creation of the abnormal cells.

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When your immune system is working correctly, these abnormal cells are identified and destroyed. If for some reason you do not have sufficient immune cells to destroy the mutated cells or you’re producing more cells than could be ruined, you wind up with the start of cancer. Yes, one single cell that’s formed incorrectly and made to multiply over and over again will result in some type of cancer.

So what’s a man to do? Great question with a simple yet hard answer-change your lifestyle immediately in the event that you don’t want or you have cancer. I beat to death the Four Pillars of Health, but There’s a reason for this – IT WORKS! I am not going to enlarge on the initial 3 Pillars since they’re included in previous posts can be found here. The exact same dietary, activity and mind/spirit information applies regardless of what health condition you might have. The focus of this guide is on what to do with your Dietary Supplement program.

Supplement pyramid

You Want to start using Dietary Supplement Pyramid. Taking a Multivitamin/mineral and broad-spectrum Calcium/mineral/D supplements shouldn’t change. What is going to change are your options for Antioxidant(s) and Special Needs. If you aren’t knowledgeable about this DSP, please refer to the exact same site mentioned above for a previous article describing its significance. As a quick recap, antioxidants neutralize something known as free radicals.

Free radicals occur natural from the human body and also come in the body from external toxins. Free radicals can and will lead to damage to the outside and interior and can be a significant contributing factor to all the significant diseases we face. Free radical damage can lead to damage to your DNA which then can and will cause the formation of abnormal cells (possibly cancer cells). If we do not do something to neutralize these little buggers, we’ll wind up sick-and even die! I know this might seem dramatic to many of you and I’m glad it does.


Antioxidant consumption won’t only help stop the damage free radicals do, but in some instances can help the body repair the harm that is already done. Listed below are a few well known antioxidants which could provide benefits for those concerned with cancer. The listing of antioxidants could be infinite. My advice would be to do more homework on the type of cancer you’re addressing and discover the antioxidant(s) which are specific to your health.

If I had been addressing cancer, I’d look at using Green Tea within my regular diet and not as a nutritional supplement. Brewing multiple cups at the same time and then swallowing it like water during the day would be best. In most cases of cancer treatment, multiple antioxidants are essential to assist the body in its battle. While addressing cancer concerns that you would like to search for supplements that support your immune system not excite.

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Stimulating the body the body over long periods of time isn’t a great thing to do in my view. Short term immune stimulating supplements such as Echinacea, C, Goldenseal, Wild Indigo, and Elderberry may be useful once you are need a fast boost. You might wish to search for a combination product such as; Esberitox or this might be needed following specific cancer therapies offered by modern medicine. Using these supplements may help you recover more quickly and even prevent you from getting ill (not nausea ) post-treatment. The best route would be to encourage the immune system.

By supporting it, we’re supplying you body with the additional nutrition so that your immune system and cells may react when required. Supplements like the medicinal mushrooms-Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake-possess the aid elements necessary to correctly support immune health. Combination products such as New Chapter’s Host Defense are on top of the list for immune support. Yes, the headline reads properly.


Bacteria (Probiotics) can and do play a big roll in the long term strength of your immune system. The gastrointestinal tract is based on those bacteria to help support the body’s immune reaction. Probiotics are important because they help prevent foreign germs and allergens from passing through the intestinal wall. They’re also important to the general health of your intestinal immune system. Probiotics also help strengthen the barrier located in the digestive tract that will help protect the body from illness.

Lastly, probiotics help to enhance the activity of certain immune cells responsible for ridding the body of cells that are abnormal. Ok, I know that this is a first for my faithful readers. The Herbal Pharmacist ® will mention things which don’t have some or too little mathematics. Sometimes you must throw caution to the wind and with respect to cancer there isn’t any better time. I’ve seen so many positive things happen to people with cancer however there’s not any scientific research to prove them.


Well, if I had a nutritional supplement that anybody else could make, why do I wish to invest millions of dollars proving it did some thing if everyone else could use my research to market their product too? Listed below are products I would include in my particular needs part of the dietary supplement pyramid if I had serious issues with Cancer. Again, this list could go on and on. I might have left things from the article on purpose or by accident. Please forgive me for instance. Cancer is a complicated disease. Even modern medicine realizes the complexity of treating this disorder. Otherwise there could be a”cure”. It’s for this reason I shall fall back on my Four Pillars of Great Health. You can’t overlook any one of those FOUR components of wellbeing. If you do, you’re opening yourself up to problems in the future.