Wie lebe ich totale Wellness?

Our bodies are not able to breakdown and discard pesticides or synthetics. They have stored in your fatty tissue. Once there, they deaden nerve centers resulting in decreased nervous system communication. If you’re prone to some genetic disease does this mean it will attest? Perhaps the hidden offenders surrounding us in our everyday lives increase the dangers? Why isn’t everyone fitter?


Our immune systems are telling us that they can’t recover. Over 17,000 chemicals in homes now reduce air quality and weaken our immune systems. They contribute to cellular damage and toxic build-up. There’s confusion from overuse of antibiotics, to advertising prescriptions for disorders which are naturally treatable. You deserve to know how to connect the dots yourself.


It is simple and affordable with an educated understanding of manufacturing techniques and pricing. By assessing the brands you use, you put pressure on producers to give healthy options. You’re the most valuable commodity as shown by huge advertising budgets. Once your immune system is strong, you’ll observe many problems simply disappear which means saving money and feeling better.

Even other issues such as skin problems, asthma and allergies tend to clean up with a stronger immune system. This shows that many health problems are our bodies trying to tell us something. Yet another point to make is you can’t eat healthy enough or cleansing enough to cancel the daily amount of chemical exposure. It would be like eating an organic apple with one hand and smoking with another.


Understanding the offenders and removing them from the surroundings will help your immune system recover. A powerful immune system keeps us healthy so as it can do its job, you are feeling the results. The environment requires a conscientious effort to boost her immune system also. By eliminating toxins going down the drains, in the atmosphere and water system we each do our part in healing our planet.

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