Wie geht man mit Migräne um?

Migraine is more than a headache disorder. Migraine can affect your life in many ways, including your thoughts and how you interact with others and engage in different activities. Migraine is a very difficult condition to manage. It is important to know the various ways you can cope with it. This article will help migraine sufferers understand the various ways to cope with it. Let’s first look at what migraine is.


It is a constant, pounding pain that is caused by dilation of blood vessels. Migraine sufferers often describe the pain as a constant pounding on their head. The pain can be so severe that sufferers have to lose their ability of function. Migraine sufferers may even need to be admitted to hospital due to the severity of their symptoms. Migraine is often accompanied or preceded by nausea and vomiting.

Depending on the type and severity of your migraine, you may also experience other symptoms. Migraine attacks can occur anywhere and anytime. It can happen at home sometimes, but it can also happen outdoors. It is important to always have your medications with you.


There are two types for migraines. Some medicines are used immediately after a migraine attack occurs, while others are used to prevent future attacks. Migraine attacks can be reduced by taking good care of your body.

  • Avoid stressors that can trigger migraine attacks. These could be emotional and physical factors like traveling, neck and shoulder tensions, excitement, shock, or anxiety. These stressors can be avoided by taking the time to relax and getting enough sleep. Don’t be harsh on yourself. You deserve some quality time without other stressors that could be detrimental to your health.
  • Make sure you have a medication plan. Follow the advice of your doctor. Make sure you take your prescribed medications on time.
  • Keep track of the migraine triggers and patterns. It is important to keep track of your migraine triggers and patterns in order to be able manage them properly in the future. Get enough water. A migraine attack can be triggered by dehydration. It is important to drink enough water.
  • Observe regular routines in different activities. This is especially important when it comes to eating and sleeping.


Migraine attacks can sometimes be triggered by changes in eating or sleeping habits. It is important to eat and rest at the same time every day, regardless of your activity schedules. Migraine can be very difficult to live with. These tips will help you manage your migraine and allow you to continue living your daily life.


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