Wie kann man die Auswirkungen der Menopause behandeln?

If you are among countless women going through menopause, then you likely are asking what to do. Since symptoms of menopause can be catastrophic for a lot of women, you clearly need some form of relief, letting you live as normal of a life as possible. The major question of menopause, and what to do, is usually based on prescription versus natural remedy.

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This decision is typically something that you would like to work with your physician on since every woman is unique in this change of lifestyle. To put it differently, while one girl may do quite well with prescription drugs, other girls will find much greater relief with natural products. For many years when it came to menopause and what to do, girls would turn to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Initially, the results were incredible but over time and through numerous studies, it’s been identified that HRT can actually result in certain kinds of cancers. In reality, new research is indicating that women going through menopause should completely avoid HRT since long-term usage creates high risks.

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If you would like to go the prescription path, you have a number of other alternatives. For starters, when it comes to menopause, and what to do for incontinence, or leakage of the bladder, anticholinergic or antispasmodic drugs can help. During menopausal years, it’s typical for women going through this change of life to undergo many kinds of urinary conditions. Besides incontinence, caused from laughter, exercise, coughing, sneezing, or lifting items, many women also experience higher levels of urinary tract infections.

As far as menopause, and what to do for things such as hot flashes, doctors are now finding that antihypertensive drugs used to control blood pressure are actually moderately useful in relieving symptoms. Naturally, with high blood pressure, you’re put at greater risk for heart stroke or stroke. Therefore, by controlling your levels of blood pressure when going through menopause, you’re getting two benefits, relief from the dreaded hot flash and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

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If you’re going through menopause, odds are you’re dealing with some degree of depression, a very common symptom. When it comes to menopause and what to do for depression and anxiety, you’ll see a range of excellent drugs in the marketplace. These drugs, called serotonin reuptake inhibitors, work on the brain’s neurotransmitters. When the brain’s serotonin level gets too low, it may result in depression, anxiety, and terrible mood swings. By raising these levels, the signs aren’t nearly as difficult.

As stated, for menopause, your question of what to do could be geared toward a response of a natural approach. Take osteoporosis, which is a frequent problem related to the change of life. By boosting your calcium intake, whether through dairy products or calcium supplements, you can strengthen the bones, which cuts the threat of osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.

Today, a range of all-natural products can be found helping you with menopause symptoms and showing you just what to do to make this period of life a lot easier to take care of. Let’s start with a few of the more common supplements that may prevent, lessen, and in some instances, reverse the effects of the two peri-menopause and menopause.

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Most of these mentioned work by increasing testosterone levels. Since the body isn’t producing adequate levels of estrogen during menopause, this also helps relieves a number of the symptoms. Therefore, we wanted to offer you a few options which have been tested and proven to work. First, when it comes to menopause and what to do for mood swings and sleeplessness try Mellow Pause. This organic product is a mixture of ingredients that help balance hormone levels.

Flaxseed oil is just another natural product that’s terrific for treating mood swings and depression, in addition to fatigue. Next, evening primrose can relieve things such as cramping, headaches, water retention, and irritability. Vitamin B6 increases testosterone levels, Vitamin E is a moderate hormone replacement, and Vitamin C, especially Ester, is wonderful for maintaining a healthy immune system.

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Other things you can search for menopause, answering the question of what to do, include calcium citrate combined with calcium. These supplements are amazing for total symptom relief. Then, coral calcium, which comes from Sango Reefs, work really well for fixing, damaged cells. Other organic products and nutritional supplements to try include Fulvic Acid and Shilajit, bee pollen, and zinc. Remember, whether deciding to treat your menopause symptoms with prescription drugs or natural remedies, you’ve got many excellent alternatives. To put it differently, as bad as symptoms can be you don’t have to just live with them. Author’s Note: You’re free to use this article on your website, provided the resource box below remains intact with all links live. Failure to keep the resource box with live links will lead to a DMCA complaint.

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