Woher wissen Sie, ob Sie depressiv sind?

Depression is among the most typical disorders that affects people daily. People could be depressed rather than know it even. Its symptoms could be masked by other physiological problems, so depression is ignored and diagnosed much later after ruling out other disorders often. Just how do people know they’re depressed?


Es gibt einige Symptome, die eine Person haben muss, um als klinisch depressiv zu gelten. Sie müssen mindestens fünf der folgenden acht Symptome aufweisen, um als klinische Depression identifiziert zu werden.

  • Sleep disturbance.Those who are depressed complain of changes within their sleep pattern normally. Most these social people complain they will have trouble sleeping, but there are several who say they sleep a lot more than usual.
  • Das Interesse sinkt.Depressive Menschen werden nicht stetig fortfahren, eine gemeinsame Dinge zu tun, dass sie ich so getan. Dies kann zwischen irgendwo kochen, einkaufen, oder sogar fernsehen reichen.
  • Schuldgefühle. Manche depressive Menschen geben an, dass sie sich schuldig fühlen, weil sie depressiv sind, und sich wünschen, dass ihre Krankheit normalerweise nicht ihr Leben beeinträchtigen würde.
  • Energy decreased.Bei depressiven Menschen besteht ein deutlicher Rückgang der Energie. Sie geben an, dass sie keine Energie haben, um ausreichend zu kochen, tägliche Aufgaben zu erledigen oder sogar zur Arbeit zu gehen.
  • Concentration levels decline. It really is hard for somebody who is depressed to concentrate for an extended period of time. This might cause problems at work or in personal relationships.
  • Appetite changes. Most those who are depressed claim a decrease is had by them within their food intake, but there are several who state their appetite increases causing weight gain actually.
  • Psychomotor agitation. Depressed people state their train of thought is decreased often, so that they act and move at a slower pace as a result.
  • Suicidal. Probably the most concerning symptom of depression may be the threat of suicide. If people claim they would like to end their lives, ask should they have an ongoing plan always.

Was ist zu tun?

Should they do, keep these things focused on a hospital to get medical assistance before it really is too late immediately. These traits should be exhibited for at the least two consecutive weeks to be identified as having clinical depression. One has been diagnosed once, there are many treatment options they are able to pick from. These range between group or individual therapy to single or multiple medications to even Electroconvulsive (Shock) Therapy for individuals who need immediate treatment who might not tolerate drugs. If you are believed by you or someone you understand is depressed, ask them should they have the above symptoms and for just how long. Consult with a physician and join a support group to greatly help treat your symptoms and obtain you feeling better soon.

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