Wie kann ich meine Energie steigern?

Want to feel more energetic? Many people do – our contemporary lifestyles are not exactly conducive to physical health, and our energy levels often suffer consequently. Fortunately, with so much room for improvement, just making small changes can help you feel a lot better, and you do not need to spend a great deal of money on expensive spa trips.

Fangen wir an

Continue reading for three easy actions you can take to feel more lively now. Although the notion of exercising may sound exhausting if you are a couch potato, the simple fact is that people that are in great shape have higher energy levels than the ones that don’t. It may seem counter-intuitive, but expending energy makes you feel livelier (up to a point – you clearly don’t want to overdo it). And the best thing is, you do not need to wait until you are super-fit to obtain the benefits of regular exercise – you begin to feel better straight away!

How do you breathe?

If you don’t have asthma or any other breathing-related disorder, odds are you have not given it much thought before. But by making an attempt to breathe deeply, right from your diaphragm, you can change how you are feeling quite radically. This will take some work and conscious thought at first, because most individuals are shallow breathers – they just breathe from their chests, and because of this their lungs do not fill with air as much as they might.

This means less oxygen is available – and fatigue is the outcome. Increasing your oxygen intake raises your energy levels, and on top of that, you can do this wherever you are, anytime (although for best results, try to get outside for some fresh air daily).

Brainwave entrainment

The third way of increasing your energy is brainwave entrainment. This is most likely not as familiar as the other hints, but it is just as straightforward. Brainwave entrainment for energy improvement essentially entails listening to a recording that is designed to help your mind and body to relax deeply. This sort of recording comprises sounds of particular frequencies. Brainwave entrainment – that is also called brainwave synchronization or brainwave stimulation – functions since the brain has a natural propensity to coincide with the frequencies of the sounds it’s hearing, if they are repetitive in nature.

This is helpful for increasing your energy, since it’s possible to use brainwave entrainment to direct your mind to the delta brainwave band, where it generates brainwaves with frequencies in the 0.5 – 4 Hz range. These very slow waves are generated every night when you enter the sleep component of the sleep cycle, and are connected with rest and cellular rejuvenation.

By utilizing a brainwave recording to spend extra time at the delta state throughout the day, you can experience some of the exact benefits.

Simply put

Your energy levels increase and you’re feeling great, just like you’ve got a very restful night’s sleep. There are three primary types of brainwave stimulation recording – binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones. Although isochronic tones are usually the best, I suggest using binaural beats for delta work if you are not yet knowledgeable about the other forms, as binaural sounds are believed to be more effective at those low frequencies.

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