What Are Important Migraine Headache Triggers?

Some migraine headaches can be caused by chemical, environmental, and dietary factors. A migraine trigger is a migraine that is caused by one or more of these factors. There are many factors that can trigger a migraine attack. The most common are alcohol and dehydration. A person who fasts or goes without food and water can cause a decrease in blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia. It can also lead to dehydration.

Migraine Causes

Migraines can be caused by low blood sugar or dehydration. A migraine sufferer should avoid fasting long periods of time. Research suggests that approximately half of migraine sufferers will experience an attack if they fast for 16 hours. Some migraineurs will experience headaches if they go without food or water for just three to four hours. It is better to eat smaller meals more often than eating large meals.

This will help reduce the risk of dehydration and prevent migraine attacks.


Even if you only consume small amounts of alcohol, it can trigger migraine attacks. Research suggests that it is not alcohol alone that causes migraine attacks, but rather a chemical in red wine and many beers.

Tyramine is a chemical that causes problems in wine, and it seems to be more prevalent in cheap wines than in expensive ones. The trigger is less severe in expensive wines than in cheaper wines. White wines are not as trigger-friendly as red wines. It can be difficult to identify alcohol as a trigger since it may not always cause headaches. Drinking the same amount and type of alcohol may not cause a migraine. An individual might drink alcohol on vacation without any adverse effects, but then have a migraine attack after drinking the same amount of alcohol after a stressful day at job. Sometimes, alcohol alone won’t cause an attack.


Secondary triggers are required to cause the pain. It can be difficult to determine if alcohol is a trigger. A detailed migraine headache diary is the best way to identify triggers. Sometimes, it can take months to find a trigger. It is important to keep a detailed diary due to the complexity of triggers. It is essential to keep all pertinent information in a journal. This will help you find difficult-to-find triggers.


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