Welche Bedeutung hat körperliche Betätigung?

Life, as they say, has no replicate, every conscious effort has to be carried out to control nutritious living. One of those efforts can come to play in keeping the body fit through exercise. The question is, why should we exercise our body; what exactly does it stop? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should always exercise.

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Weak bones are known as osteoporosis, obesity, and exercise has been demonstrated to be good medicine to strengthen weak bones. Exercising the body makes your bones stronger than people who do not exercise whatsoever. According to study, exercise makes you sleep better. When an adult has a sleeping disorder, it’s known as “insomnia”.

People who don’t exercise consistently tend to suffer with sleeplessness. It is, therefore, advisable that a patient suffering from insomnia ought to be involved in daily exercise- that will improve the quality of sleep.


Another significant reason you need to always exercise is since exercises might help in reducing high blood pressure. Most of these exercises may come in the kind of digging, walking, swimming, playing tennis, and running. These exercises make the heart provide blood with less effort. An inactive heart would suffer from providing blood, which will affect the arteries, thereby causing high blood pressure.

Thus, exercise will help to keep high blood pressure at bay. Being fit reduces the possibility of inviting cancer. An overweight person is in the risk of getting cancer if he or she doesn’t that participate in exercise. This is because exercise increases the speed of water and urinating consumption, thereby flushing out agents that cause cancer within the body system.

About glucose

Glucose or blood glucose acts as fuel for your body in carrying out various activities like running, swimming and leaping. When these activities are performed consistently, it then lowers your blood glucose level within the body. This is because the blood glucose was consumed during exercise activities. Thus, exercise is strongly suggested for individuals with type 2 diabetes. Another significant reason you need to always exercise is because it increases libido in both women and men. It increases blood circulation, which boosts libido.

Several studies have demonstrated that individuals who engage more in exercise tend to be more active in their sexual performances, compared to people who don’t participate in any form exercise. Most of these exercises may come in the form of squatting, pull-ups, and bench press. Exercise can help in preventing airborne diseases. Additionally, it helps to flush out bacteria from the body through sweating and urinating, during and after exercise.

Blood flow

Another reason for exercising is that exercise increases the flow of blood circulation in the body, which can be good for the mind. It promotes the development of the brain cells that raises and boosts learning and memory. According to research, exercise prevents some brain disease like Alzheimer, stroke and Parkinson. Exercise frees up some receptors such as endorphin, serotonin, and GABA. These neuron-transmitters control the disposition of a person.

Studies have been carried out on individuals who suffer with depression. It’s been found that exercise tends to improve the status of those that didn’t depend much on medication. Exercise doesn’t have side effects like medication used to suppress depression. Exercise stimulates the endorphin to interact with the brain to decrease pain, and consequently, triggers a positive feeling in the body.

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Exercise builds your self-confidence. It makes you feel great about yourself. It makes you be conscious of the fact that you’re healthy; hence appreciating and fostering your self-esteem, which will make a perfect picture of you. Exercise may boost your self-esteem by permitting you to feel physically ready for the challenges before you, and at precisely the exact same time, being concentrated. Looking at the above mentioned reasons, it’s clear that healthy living comes from constant exercise, and it is a good idea for all to have a sense of the modicum of talents. This is because; it’s a great deal of advantages to offer to people who participate in it.

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