Was sind die besten Nährstoffprodukte für die Gesundheit?

The ideal place to begin with the very best supplements for health is using the 90 essential nutrients. Undoubtedly this will cause the best health results in the least possible time. What are the 90 essential nutrients – 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and two omega 3 essential fatty acids.

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They’re classed as essential because we must eat them (the body can’t make them) and without them we might suffer one or several nutritional deficiency diseases. We should be able to receive our supplements for health from food rather than from a capsule – however plants and other food resources no longer contain the minerals we will need to avoid disease and this is because our food is grown in mineral-deficient soil.

If the minerals are not in the soil, then they are not in the food which means that we do not get them . If you are wondering whether this is true only ask any farmer about the (lack of) minerals from the soil and you’ll get your answer. In reality any farmer raising livestock will surely add nutritional supplements to the feed since they need healthy animals in order that they can find the best possible price in the market – and to avoid costly vet bills!


Aside from minerals the next most important supplements for health are omega three essential fatty acids (EFA). Most of the dietary fat we have is really in the kind of omega 6 (that we get mostly from vegetable oils, nuts and grains ). Ideally you ought to take all 90 essential nutrients – that includes all 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and two essential fatty acids.

If you wish to break this down further into the very best supplements for health, we would recommend a liquid vitamin supplement along with an EFA supplement. If you undergo a wellness challenge of any sort, you should begin with all 90 essential nutrients in addition to a digestive enzyme supplement to guarantee maximum absorption of the goods. Enzymes also help out the immune system by beaking down foreign proteins or allergens that result in many so called autoimmune diseases.

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