Was ist Acu-Yoga?

Acu-Yoga is a term invented in the modern era which refers to a blend of both “Acupressure” and” Yoga”. It’s a method of exercise movements and postures that incorporate both ancient traditions of health care. When they’re used together they raise the efficacy and enhance each practice significantly.

Yoga and Acupressure

Yoga: It functions from the inside out by relaxing breathing, calming the body and mind through physical extending and mind discharge.

Acupressure: It unctions from the outside in by working directly on particular acu-points on the surface of the skin which move and change the internal energy flow.

Both these systems equilibrium and relax muscular tensions and revive appropriate energy flow throughout the body. Acupressure, as with acupuncture, utilizes the pathways of energy flow within the body called meridians. On every meridian exists points that may influence and direct this energy, called “chi” or life-force. In Yoga this very important life force element is called “prana” and it may be raised through deep breathing and concentrated posture holding.

A self explanatory technique

Acu-yoga is a self explanatory technique. When used in conjunction, acupressure points are stored whilst keeping various yoga postures. Pressure on the points helps to discharge areas of surplus thus moving the energy into deficient places where it’s needed. The yoga stretching and breathing allows for deeper discharge of any tension, blocks, or toxins from the muscles, tissues and joints of the body.

In Oriental medicine it’s said that disease (dis – ease) occurs whenever there is a build up of tension and energy in certain areas of the body which cause difficulties in the systems. Therefore, it’s crucial to address these bodily imbalances before they manifest as disease with additional impacts on the internal organs and their functions.

Optimum health results

Acu-Yoga is intended to be a practical means to attain optimum health results for a modern day Yogi. The body tries to find harmony and with the easy practice of the technique you are able to maintain the type of even unobstructed flow you’re created to experience. It’s important in this modern day and age when a sedentary, indoor computer life is the mainstay of many, which you become responsible for maintaining the balance of psychological, stagnant work activity using a practice which eliminates some accumulation of tension.

Acu-Yoga might just be the thing you’re searching for. So, why not include acupressure into your everyday yoga practice. There are a few Acu-Yoga books out there to help guide you through the process. It’s enjoyable and easy to learn. Once you get the significant acu-points down you can integrate them into your position positions with very little work. You’ll almost certainly feel a greater release and well-being which will make you feel happy, living, and energetically relaxed.

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