Warum eine professionelle Schimmelpilzinspektion?

Any dwelling, either newly constructed or long-standing, is subject to the existence of mold. This microorganism is a sort of fungus that may grow on walls, floors, rugs, furniture, and fabric. Exposure to it for any period of time may lead to health problems, even among healthy people. It might also cause structural damage to a building, especially along walls, flooring, and drywall.

Mold inspection

So as to detect its existence, it’s critical for each homeowner to get a routine mold review. Whether a home is old or new, a harmful increase of mold could be hiding inside the walls or flooring. Sometimes this growth is visible and readily detected, although this isn’t always the case. When harmful spores go undetected, it may spread and cause property damage or decay that may eventually cost the homeowner considerable money in repairs.

This fungal growth can be harmful to pets and humans that are vulnerable to it. It may impact the air quality in a house significantly. Pregnant women, in addition to people with respiratory conditions or compromised immune systems, are particularly at risk for complications. Inspectors can allow the homeowner know if they discover a problem and how to fix it.

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They’ll answer any questions you may have and explain the necessary actions to avoid a regrowth in the long run. A microbial investigator is counsel-certified, acquiring the know-how and expertise to detect microbial growth in the house. By utilizing high-tech equipment like a moisture meter and a thermal imaging machine, the contractor can create a comprehensive analysis. During this comprehensive inspection, the investigator looks for moisture and tests the quality of the air.

Once spores are detected, a sample will be examined under a microscope in a microbiology facility. The report or findings will be delivered to the customer. Also included with the summary will be a consultation. This appointment involves useful advice on remediation. The homeowner won’t only gain knowledge on the best way best to rectify the situation, but will also learn ways of preventing a future issue.


To be able to stop the growth or regrowth of mold in the home, it is important to eliminate moisture. Prevent problems by not allowing water to pool on basement flooring or moisture to collect on shower stalls. Additionally, purchase mold-resistant shower curtains and fabrics. In very humid climates, a dehumidifier may be helpful. A leaking roof may also be a contributing factor, which explains why it’s important to inspect the roof regularly and make repairs as necessary. There are a number of ways to stay proactive in protecting one’s property against mould. The very best step is to consult an expert to get a mold inspection before any problems arise.

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