Wie kann man dem Coronavirus vorbeugen?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, thats the way the popular adage goes. It’s no hidden secret, that following the beginning of the pandemic epidemic, times are really frightening, especially with authorities of social distancing and face masks. We’re facing challenging times when fundamental survival is the only priority.

Virale Infektion

To make things worse if the virus epidemic itself wasn’t intimidating enough, the odds of disease by the rapid spread of disease producing germs is making the odds of survival scarce. Without a credible antidote available yet to safeguard individuals from the effect of disease, and staying at home not a viable solution in the long term, personal protection equipment or PPE is your best bet to make a secure barrier between contagion.

However for people who are able to avoid going outside, staying at home until the storm of disease passes by, is the best possible precaution to protect oneself and be healthy. To remain safe indoors, one wants to be very careful and on the lookout for outbreak of mildest symptoms from transmission of disease. Careless or inattentive behaviour towards wellness can open up someone to the risk contracting disease. Abiding by recommended practices and following standard precautions everyday with commitment and sincerity, an individual can easily secure the health and safety of their nearest and dearest.

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Here are a few recommended Basic protective measures against COVID-19 that you can adapt while remaining indoors to stay healthy and safe.

  • Maintain social distancing: – Practice social distancing while remaining inside as disease carrier germs can be transmitted through breath, contact and even as droplets mingled in atmosphere. Always secure yourself with security measures like creating protective barrier between yourself and the surroundings in case you need to step out for some urgent work.
  • Boost your immune system: – Along with ensuring use of protective gear to create a security barrier from germs, it’s equally important to worry about strengthening one’s internal immune system also. Protective barriers can only be effective to a degree when the person has a weak immune system.


A weak immune system offers easy passage for germs to enter the body. Boosting the immune system is one’s best protection against disease at all times. Consuming fresh food like fruits and veggies, indulging in physical exercise, intake of essential nutrients such as Vitamin B12 with Methylcobalamin, imparts power to the body’s inherent system to fight against any foreign bodies which have entered the machine. Disease producing germs can stay alive for quite a very long time even after being detached from their normal habitat.

They can remain dormant in transition periods till they find the right host to thrive on. To understand the virus’s effect, you might take the example of copper, where it can remain for 4 hours. Cardboard retains the virus for 24 hours, on vinyl, and on steel that the virus sticks for nearly 72 hours.

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Regularly cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces which have regularly exchanged contact with sanitizing solutions and disinfectants can keep one’s surrounding environment clean and unsuitable for breeding germs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you must wash your hands for 20 minutes thoroughly together with accredited disinfecting hand sanitizers. Sanitizers with alcohol content of or upto 70 percent are highly recommended and alcohol is a very effective agent that destroys the Corona Virus germs and bacteria. Using alcohol based hand sanitizers can help fight the pandemic disease efficiently.

Taking protective measures for COVID-19 is everybody’s responsibility. It’s much better to wash one’s hands regularly before touching other organs. Coronavirus remedies are being done based on the signs of flu, cold, cough, and fever. There’s absolutely no accurate definition or description of the specific symptoms of Corona Virus.


Nevertheless, the onus is on every individual to ensure they’re taking proper treatments after displaying these signs. If you are feeling uneasiness, weakness or feverish, immediately seek medical care and isolate yourself. The aforementioned preventative tips of Coronavirus will guard you while staying inside. Stay home, and remain safe. Following these simple but highly effective ideas, you can make a much needed barrier between your self and harmful germs.

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