Können Sie mit Bewegung Stress abbauen?

Stress is something that will never fully go away in virtually everybody’s life. For those in retirement living out the “golden years”, there’s always something to be stressed about. For those few who have financial security, relatively good health and a close family to spend vacations together, they will most likely be concerned about and concern themselves with how they could help their loved ones.

Die Kontrolle übernehmen

It makes no sense to attempt and get rid of stress, but there are loads of things we can do to control it until it consumes our life and destroys our health. Stress is not actually a bad thing. It’s the body’s way to protect usand these defense mechanisms are developed as we’ve evolved. When we are stressed, hormones like cortisol are released by the body, letting us physically and mentally prepare ourselves to face the circumstance.

Blood circulation and heart rate increases and the lungs take in more oxygen, which makes our perceptions ready for the challenge. But your immune system temporarily shuts down, which makes our reaction to toxins and other foreign invaders decreased. Nothing is wrong with this, so long as it’s temporary. But if your system stays on this “large” for a long time, the immune system becomes desensitized to cortisol.


Because cortisol also has a regulatory effect on the reaction to inflammation within the machine, things get out of control, our immunities break down and we become sick. As medical science examines that further, this situation of chronic inflammation has been associated with a great many ailments. In medical conditions like cancer, dementia and heart disease we’re finding how significant a role the immune system plays. It’s been estimated that 85 percent of all diseases have an emotional element to them.

Stress plays a role in the health issues of many people. Stress relief of course is easier said than done in many instances. Some of the coping mechanisms which have traditionally been utilized are smoking and taking antidepressants and sleeping pills. These of course aren’t cures but just mask the problem, and may cause much greater health issues in their own right. So what’s the optimum method to heal stress and maintain us in a healthy condition as we get older? Finding those release valves that are ideal for you will be crucial.


We’ll never have the ability to eliminate stress entirely, but everybody’s system has built-in tools to compensate for these stress-related difficulties. Regular exercise is most likely the best release, and everyone should make every attempt to do something physical. Any physical activity is great to relieve stress. It gets your feel-good endorphins flowing and gets your mind off your troubles, at least for a short time. It can reduce the stress hormone cited earlier: cortisol. Plus it really helps us sleep, which in itself is a terrific stress reliever since it enables the body a while to recover and regroup. Some other terrific ways that lots of individuals have learned to use for anxiety control laughing, doing yoga, meditation and spiritual beliefs.


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