Kann Akne bei Erwachsenen gelöst werden?

Is this mid life crises I hear? Does going bald for guys even compare? To be blunt there’s no a magic bullet – a simple yet powerful solution. It’s elusive and that little voice inside us seems to state otherwise. Why is it that some folks undergo sailing in life and many others keep getting caught in the storm with the endless use of various eczema drugs (like accutane or antibiotics), lotions, creams, and lotions?

So many questions

Why is it that there’s an increased variety of people getting this state – is there something in the surroundings? What’s different today and going back a few decades? Just have a look at the statistics on the topic, some research or simply talk to a dermatologist. But before I get into the details – please also consider that we are all different and therefore each individual’s testimony of a way out is a process of testing, removing and changing habits and way of life.


The solution differs for every person like many streets resulting in the exact same place and for that reason it’s not as simple as it sounds. It’s a bit like learning how to ride a bicycle – hard to start with but later it just seems so obvious. The first thing you will need to do is form a strategy, consider whom, what, where and how? What meals do you eat? Did you ever believe that certain foods high in iodine really aggravate acne? Is your diet diverse including a huge array of produce? What are the benefits of eating that meals?

Can you wash your face before exercising? It isn’t so clear but when you sweat and rub your face you’re really worsening acne by massaging in the dirt to the pores. If you had to choose I’d argue it’s much better to wash your face before exercising than after later, especially once you consider that if you sweat it’s just salty water. Or how about how many times you change your pillow case and wash your hair? Leaving a build up of oil residue on your pillow may of course cause gradual aggravation and considering we spend a third of our lives sleeping it’s not surprising that this could be one of several elements.

Taking up yoga to decrease the stress in life? Depression and anxiety are other things which could aggravate the internal body and peace resulting in all sorts of health difficulties. Eating more organic, organic foods – like the convenience of processed and packaged foods packed with each artificial sweetener and e-numbers? It does not take a genius to figure out that one. It’s just those little things which you simply don’t realize – a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. But when you set your mind to it you just might see another piece in the jigsaw puzzle and gradually build the entire picture.

I also found that herbs have much medicinal usage ever since time in memorial, like being an aboriginal living off the land and knowing which herbs counter that ailment. It’s simply amazing and this simple knowledge was of course passed to every generation throughout the ages until perhaps recently. In a nutshell getting menopause and the onset of adult acne was a boon. It changed the course of my life for the better by simply learning how to listen to my inner self.


The first step I suggest is that you write down everything you need in life, a journal which records your experimentation with each the above points. Remember its a procedure for testing, recording and removing the results. In the long run I realized that I was like a fish swimming in polluted water, it was not me that was sick – it was all of the things around me. All I needed to do was put that fish to cleaner water.


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