Ist Rauchen ein Hauptabtörner für Frauen?

Though many cigarette smokers know the danger they put themselves in as they slough off, the majority of them don’t have any idea how bad this addiction is a big turn off to the vast majority of women. This was supported by several polls and surveys taken about the topic which makes it top the list of dating rules for men.

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Most people polled said they can’t kiss a guy, who smokes depart date them, killing many opportunities before even beginning. Heavy smokers are particularly at the danger zone as the few girls who do not mind being with a smoker draw the line here. Non-smoking women also abhor with a spouse who smokes which is the reason why they avoid dating them in the first location.

Nobody cares that smoking isn’t permanent; that you enjoy sucking on those “death sticks” is enough to put you in the no-go zone. In case of a person picking up the custom mid-relationship, it places a strain on most connections to the purpose of breaking them up. Long-term cigarette smoking affects the breath of a smoker causing it to smell like stale cigarettes.

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Such poor odor is a love killer as well as the breath mints and mouthwash that smokers keep knocking back do not help much, the awful odor will always be there. It’s like the smoke permeates your whole body to ooze from your pores 24/7. Non-smoking should thus be added to the listing of relationship rules for men. There’s also the not so little matter of cigarette smoke clinging to all of your clothes however strong or expensive your perfume is.

Like the poor breath, the unpleasant odor of stale smoke will always be in your laundry. Smokers who smoke in the home also have the exact same issue as the smoke clings to each piece of walls and furniture making for an offensive odor in the air. As if the bad odor associated with smokers isn’t sufficient, their teeth are a hot mess too.


Frequent smokers have yellowing teeth that is brought on by nicotine staining which may come with gum disease, mouth ulcers or sores. Such folks are, therefore, susceptible to cavities that may cause the loss of teeth at a young age that’s unattractive and a significant turn off. Nicotine is as addictive as heroin and like all addictions; it affects the life span of a individual in negative ways. From aging one to affecting their immune and lymph system, it’s no surprise that women don’t need to date a guy who smokes. The fact it is also related to erectile dysfunction cements the fact that dating rules for men should incorporate this significant turn off for girls.


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