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Perfectionism is a time waster. Strive for excellence on significant issues and ordinary best for everyday tasks. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary details. Organize things the way that they work for you. The principle of organizing is to have the ability to locate what you want if you want it. However much you seek change, it’s impossible if there’s absolutely no room for change.

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Busyness and more than spending leaves you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and yearning for a simpler life. Letting go of clutter and attachments can be debilitating. Request Support. Consider a trusted friend, relative or professional organizer who will keep you focused. Telephone and email training can be found. Clean out your closets. Take the time to eliminate what you no longer use or wear.

Statistics show that we wear 20% of our clothes 80 percent of the time. Meaning that there are a good deal of clothing just waiting for the rare occasion to wear them. You might not have to keep so many? Measure progress concerning percentages. The purpose of Self-Improvement is to raise your batting average.

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Changing a habit 10 percent of this time is a good step in the right direction. Give yourself credit for the progress you’re making. Positive self-talk generates better outcomes than degradation. Pay attention to where you’re spending and start a savings plan with spare change. It will mount up and your prosperity will increase.

Stress increases the immune system. Seek balance in your life and learn deep breathing exercises. Press your tongue on the roof of your mouth and breathe in through your nose continuing until you’re fully inflated. Hold and notice how much oxygen you bring into your hungry tissues. Release your breath by exhaling through your mouth. Repeat as often as required. Why does it feel so good to laugh? Because endorphins are released from the mind each time you do it.

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Endorphins have a morphine-like affect and are frequently known as the body’s own opiates. Endorphin pushers: grinning and laughing, exercising, positive thinking, connecting with family and friends, parties, receiving recognition and experiencing nature up close and personal. This cliché is usually said with sarcasm.

However, it’s truly very good advice. Are you one of the multitude that invests in an abundant way of life? Do you feel you want that new car, boat or expensive vacation to feel powerful? Would life be perfect if you had that new suit, a diamond ring or a bigger TV? Our homes have become a warehouse for possessions which enhance our way of life but fall short of improving our life. Choose to be happy. Happiness isn’t found in possession of material possessions. Rather, it comes from deep inside. Each morning make a conscious choice to have a fantastic day. Rather than waiting for things to get better, be thankful for what you have.

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