Is There A Holistic Approach To Headaches?

They come in many shapes and sizes. Their causes and effects can be as diverse as their causes. Popping pills isn’t the best way to manage them. While it may provide temporary relief in some cases, it doesn’t address the root cause. Let’s take a look at the head to see if there are any permanent solutions. The scalp is located on the outermost layer of the head. This muscle membrane is the thinnest on the body (except for the eyelids).


This makes it very sensitive to dehydration. Insufficiently hydrated scalp can cause headaches that are all-over pounding. It can happen “the next morning” as well as when the tissues aren’t hydrated enough. This is the easiest type to treat. Just drink more water! Many headaches can be reduced or eliminated by drinking more water. The skull is located under the scalp. It is made up of plates that look almost like puzzle pieces, with a jaw hanging off it.

These cranial misalignments can cause headaches. They may be caused by an impact injury to your head, TMJ, dental braces or low back/hip injuries that travel up to your skull. This type of throbbing can be treated with CranioSacral or Quantum-Touch, as well as Reiki Therapy.

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Some chiropractors have also had the opportunity to realign the cranial plates. As we focus on the skull, remember that headaches can be caused by tension in the neck and shoulders, pulling the skull down and compressing it. These headaches can sometimes be relieved with just chiropractic or a combination of chiropractic and massage.

Next, we will address the brain. Headaches resulting from intracranial pressures could indicate tumors, vascular issues, and so they should be referred to a good neurologist. Some headaches that affect the brain are known as “rebound” headaches. This is usually a side effect of medications. We’ll now turn our attention to the dreaded migraine. These monsters can come from many sources.


Migraines can be caused by allergies, blood pressure imbalances, cranial injury to the dura mater (the lining that surrounds our brain and spinal chord), hormone problems, and colon impactions. Regular colon, liver, and kidney cleansing and detox programs are some of the best ways to relieve migraines. You can also get competent chiropractic and massage, CranioSacral and Quantum-Touch Therapy, and adequate hydration.

Let’s lastly look at the common cause of headaches: the sinuses. There are two sinuses under our eyebrows and two below our cheeks. But there is a larger one behind our faces, the ethmoid. Each day, the sinuses produce approximately a quarter of a quart. A quart! (Even more if you have allergies!) It serves two purposes: to keep the throat and nasal passages moist, so that the tissues don’t dry out while we breathe and talk. The fluid doesn’t just flow down our throats.

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The lymphatic node cleansing network in the head also includes lymph channels and ducts in our necks and faces. These channels can become clogged or constricted and the fluid backs up, causing pounding in our foreheads, eyes, and faces. Neck and shoulder tension, as well as dehydration, are the most common factors that prevent drainage.

Give yourself a neck and shoulder rub. Better yet, get someone else to do it! You can watch TV for hours. Yoga, or at least regular stretching, is a great way to lengthen your muscles and keep them flexible.

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Flexing your head and rolling your shoulders, shrugging and rolling your shoulders and “making faces” (or giving your face a good scrub throughout the day) can help keep the drainage channels open. Drinking enough water can thin the lymph fluid, making draining easier. It is back. Water. Water. This is a simple solution to many headaches that can otherwise ruin your day.


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