How To Cope With Cluster Headaches?

The medical profession divides headaches into two broad categories: primary and secondary. Primary headaches are those that are not due to another illness. Secondary headaches are those that are related to an illness. Secondary headaches can be caused by minor or major illnesses, and can even prove to be life-threatening.

Primary Headache

Primary headaches can include migraines, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. Tension headaches are the most common type of primary headache. There are two types: episodic and chronic tension headaches. These two types of tension headaches differ in the frequency and intensity of their occurrence. Episodic headaches are a rare occurrence that lasts less than an hour and occur at random times.

There are many causes for episodic headaches. Sometimes, the only thing that will cure a headache is to treat the cause. If the headache is caused by hunger, dehydration, or disturbed sleep patterns, it can be treated with eating, drinking water, or returning to normal sleeping habits.


Stress, emotions like sadness, grief, anger, or sadness, can also cause episodic headaches. If the hair is pulled too tight, women who have a ponytail or other hairstyle often suffer headaches. The headache can be eliminated by simply loosening the hair.

Chronic headaches are those that occur repeatedly or for more than 15 days in a given month. Chronic headaches can also be caused by emotional conditions like sadness, anger, grief, or anxiety. Chronic headaches can also be caused by certain physical symptoms. These include poor posture, arthritis and misaligned vertebrae.

Tension headaches are often bilateral. They can occur on both the left and right sides of the head. If the headache is only on one side, it could be due to a physical abnormality. Chronic tension headaches can also be caused by constant exposure to environmental factors like inadequate lighting, noise, close work and working in a strained position.

Achtsam sein

A headache can also be caused or exacerbated by the use of artificial sweeteners like sorbitol xylitol mannitol, sucrose, and mannitol. Tension headaches can be treated with over-the-counter medications and a glass water. Your pain relief will be faster if you take your medication with a glass of water and a cup of coffee. This is because caffeine increases the effectiveness of the pill. Cluster headaches are the most painful. These headaches are extremely rare, occurring in less that one percent of the population.


These are more common in men than in women, which is unlike many other types. Cluster headaches are only 15% common in women. Cluster headaches can be unilateral. They can occur on one side of your head, and always on the other. They start in the area around the eyes and move to the forehead, temple, and cheek. Sometimes, they are accompanied with a runny nose and bloodshot eyes on the affected side. Cluster headaches are more common in chronic smokers and heavy alcohol users. The pain can be so severe that it is impossible to sit still or lie down.


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