Are There Natural Ways To Get Rid Of A Headache?

Long-term solutions may be available on the other side, if migraines or headaches strike. These symptoms can be relieved quickly if you don’t want to take any drugs or take too many. Our internal thermostat is another thing that can go haywire when we have headaches. As more blood rushes to our brains, the head becomes very hot. It is possible to reduce the body’s temperature.

What To Do?

There are two options depending on where you are at the moment and what resources you have:

  •  Heat up the rest of your body
  • Chill the affected area.

The blood supply to the brain is increased in headaches. The brain can be relieved by warming the rest of the body. This creates a demand for attention from distant parts like your feet and hands. A hot bath is the best way to do this.


To encourage deep relaxation and deep breathing, add a few drops of aromatic oil to the hot bath water. You can use eucalyptus oil, marjoram, lavender or Olbas Oil. Some recommend neroli or Geranium oils. It really comes down to personal preference. Are you unable to access a bath? You can try dipping your hands into two different types of hot water. One should be as hot as you are able to stand without getting scalded. The other should be as cold as possible.

As mentioned above, add a little oil to the water and cover your head and basins with a large towel. Keep still for as long time as possible. You might also consider dipping your feet in a hot tub. Use the basins or the bath to deepen your breathing. Make sure you exhale as deeply as possible. Notice where tension is held in your body as you exhale. You can “send” the pain through your hands or feet into water. You’ll be amazed at how much relief you get if you do this for ten to 20 minutes.

Ätherische Öle

A drop of your favorite essential oil can be applied to the temples and under the nose. Ice packs can also be used to cool the neck and head – keep them in the freezer in case of emergency. Gel-packs are better than hard ice packs. They can be wrapped around the affected areas more effectively. You can also use crushed ice or ice cubes in a plastic bag as an affordable alternative. In a pinch, a bag of frozen peas can be used.

All should be applied to the neck and head that hurts for at least fifteen minutes. As much as possible, avoid bright light and noise. Keep your skin from coming into direct contact with the ice. Breathe deeply in all situations. According to them, 70% of our brains are water. The brain’s natural “air conditioning system” requires constant replenishment. It’s easy to become dehydrated.


Dehydration can be increased by hot weather, exercise, diet, drinking alcohol, tea, or coffee, and other factors such as dieting. A glass of water can help prevent headaches at certain times of the day, such as mid-morning and late afternoon. Drink enough water if you are traveling or clubbing to maintain a healthy fluid balance.

We don’t want to lose our leisure time to migraines or headaches – we already have too much! If you do get a headache while out, it is best to rest and drink water. Remember that a headache is not your enemy. It’s your body’s signal that something is wrong. You will be less likely to get headaches if you know more about the causes. It is better to prevent than cure, so think about it.


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