Fröhliche junge Frau mit Wattebausch beim Blick in den Spiegel. Glücklich lächelnd schönes Mädchen Reinigung der Haut mit Wattepad. Schönheit natürliche Frau in den Spiegel schauen, während die Reinigung der Haut Gesicht und mit kosmetischen Produkten für richtig tief sauber.

Ist natürliche Hautpflege wieder angesagt?

Since the 4th millennium BC, when the ancient Egyptians began using natural ingredients in their skin care products, things have improved tremendously. Natural ingredients like bee venom, honey, and milk were well documented.

Natürliche Wege

The many natural cosmetic ingredients that our grandmothers made in their kitchens, such as sugar rubs and oat masks, was also documented. Then came the big boys. Although the Elizabeth Arden’s, Helena Rubenstein’s began small, the timing was perfect. Women had more disposable income and sales and marketing departments started to pay more attention to women’s needs and wants.

So suddenly, a whole cosmetics industry emerged. Cosmetics were, and remain, unmonitored. They could add ingredients to products and make claims about them that might not be in the best interest of their customers. The safety of the US Food and Drug Administration has never been verified by any other institutions.

Beachten Sie

They are most likely safe. You don’t hear of anyone dying instantly after applying face cream. However, it is possible that we could be slowly dying from the use of the rest. Many mainstream skin care products today contain synthetic chemical ingredients, including dyes and fragrances, and preservatives like parabens. These can mimic the hormone estrogen, which has been linked to breast cancer and other urogenital abnormalities in some studies.

Parabens can be used in products for good reasons. A cosmetic that has been exposed to preservatives will be more toxic than the preservatives. This is why it is not always a bad idea. Preservatives are important because large manufacturers produce large batches of their products and ship them all over the globe.

The products must withstand uncontrolled shipping and storage environments. If a batch of their products was lost, the cost of recalling hundreds and thousands of products around the world would be prohibitive. Synthetic perfumes and colors are used for cost-saving purposes, as well as all the fillers. Synthetic fragrances often contain phthalates, which can cause birth defects, damage to sperm, infertility, and feminization in boy babies.

Was ist zu tun?

Avoid perfumes that are essential oil-based and choose skin care products that don’t have nice scents. We are becoming more aware that our skin is our largest organ. Therefore, what we put on our skin eventually gets absorbed into our bloodstream. This is why we are demanding natural cosmetics. Natural skin care has come a long way. Natural products were often thick, gluggy, and blocked pours for a long time. They also didn’t work.

There are now many products on the market that can actually improve the skin. They provide broad spectrum protection and are more pleasant to use. Natural skin care products are now incorporating specialised ingredients like CO Q10, marine collagens and bee venom. These ingredients can be easily absorbed by the skin. We are already seeing a change. These products are not only pleasant to use, but they can plump up skin and stimulate collagen and elastin formation. This will result in a reduction of fine lines and firmer skin. The best of both worlds.