Leinwand & Holzbrett Hintergrund, Vorbereitung diy Kosmetik gesunden Lebensstil

Ist Honig eine gute Feuchtigkeitscreme?

Can honey be used as a moisturizer for your skin. Honey can be used for many purposes, but it is not a moisturizer. Because of its other benefits for skin health, honey may be added to moisturizing oils. These benefits are explained in detail here. It has been used for many ailments since ancient times.

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It can be used topically to heal injuries, or orally to treat stomach or sore throat problems. All varieties have some antibacterial or antioxidant activity. However, the level of activity can vary greatly from one variety for the next. The primary determinant of the amount of activity is the flower from which the bees collected the pollen to make it.

Researchers tested many varieties around the globe, but the most active one has been found to date is made from pollen collected from the Manuka, a flowering shrub that is native to New Zealand. Manuka honey is not a good moisturizer. However, it can be used in body lotions and face creams. Manuka’s medicinal properties have received a lot of attention.

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An institute was created to assess the medicinal value of different bee keepers’ products. The bee hives with the highest activity are those that are isolated. The manuka bushes are the only flowers the bees can eat. Because many bacteria types are becoming resistant to antibiotics, researchers are searching for natural antibacterial agents in old places. The antibacterial agent triclosan, found in hand cleaners, body washes, dish detergents, and other consumer goods is not biodegradable.

It is believed to cause the rise in antibiotic-resistant “bugs” and buildup in our streams. MRSA is one of the most prevalent antibiotic resistant infections. Manuka, according to a New Zealand research team, may be effective in treating MRSA. Honey isn’t suitable for use as a moisturizer because it has a low water content. It is honey’s low water content that makes it antibacterial. It is effective in healing blemishes, and preventing new ones forming.

This makes it a good option for treating acne. Because of its antioxidant activity, it is recognized as an anti-aging drug. Antioxidants neutralize free-radical molecules. One of the main reasons we age is because of the damage these molecules do.


Honey is a popular home remedy. However, olive oil can be used in your own kitchen to moisturize. It is very similar in texture to the skin’s natural oils. It is quickly absorbed and does not cause greasiness. The best body lotions combine dehydrated manuka (dehydration doesn’t affect its activity), olive oil, jojoba and grape seed extract. There are few lotions on the market with more active ingredients. You now know more about honey as a moisturizer.