Biene auf einer Frühlingsblume, die Pollen und Nektar sammelt

Ist Bienenpollen die perfekte Nahrung?

You can get tons of health benefits from bee pollen, including B12 and all the other nutrients found in it. Many people recommend that you include some bee pollen in your diet to treat all kinds of ailments and conditions.


You’ll discover that B12 isn’t the only benefit this superior food of nature has for our health. To understand why pollen is so special, you need to know how it is collected by bees. A honey bee will stop at approximately 1500 flower blossoms when they are out foraging. The pollen is carried back to the hive by tiny spores trapped in the fine hairs on the legs of the honey bees. Humankind has found a way to harvest honey, which has medicinal properties.

The bees will land at their hive and use a device called a trap to capture some of the pollen. It still allows the bees enough pollen to sustain the life of their hive. Why is Bee Pollen considered the perfect food? This amber-colored gem is considered the best food because it contains B12, which is one of many vitamins that bee pollen provides.

Natural supplement

This natural supplement has been shown to provide all the nutrients that the human body requires, according to studies. The healthy balance of fats and amino acids will help maintain healthy levels of good and bad cholesterol. This amazing food is also high in vitamin E, which is extremely useful for cell metabolism. It also contains many vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants in pollen can boost immunity and prevent illness.

The supplement’s diverse nutritional ingredients are due to the fact that one granule can contain anywhere from several thousand to many million tiny living spores. B12, also known to be a complex vitamin, is one such vitamin. It is capable of helping the body use the minerals that are introduced into the system. Vitamin B complex is essential for the body as it helps maintain nerve function and the production of red cells. It also works to give people an energy boost, allowing them to get through long mornings.

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This superfood is worth considering. However, not all supplements will be the same quality. You want the best bee pollen b12 quality, so choose the company that established pollen standards. Xtend Life only sources their pollen from New Zealand. This is important as it ensures that the pollen is free of any harmful chemicals or metals. They use freeze drying to preserve their pollen in order to ensure they offer a high quality product. To ensure that their clients receive a pure product, the company tests every batch of capsules and all raw ingredients.