Athletische Mutter trainiert in Plank Position, während sie mit ihrem Baby in einem Fitnessstudio. Platz kopieren.

Wie Sie Ihre Liebeskraft nutzen?

Several months ago I boarded a plane in Chicago headed for Portland. When I settled into my chair, a baby several rows back started to shout. Full of love for my new grandbaby, I chose to send the baby- and the parents- some love. Closing my eyes I settled back to the bodily sensations of love.

Liebe Macht

The hot glowing light of love immediately filled my entire being and I envisioned the love flowing back as a gentle, luminous, rosy-golden blanket blessing and comforting the baby along with her parents. In just a couple of minutes, the baby stopped crying and stayed quiet for the full four and a half hours of the trip. Now, part of me thinks I should be humble and say: Of course, I understand my sending love did not have anything to do with this – the baby’s getting quiet was just a coincidence. But the reality is, I believe it did make a difference. The reality is, I know that I do have a excellent power.

I have the capacity to influence the entire world with my love. So do you. You have in you, right now and the excellent power of love. You have the ability to affect your brain chemistry, the tissues of your body as well as the well-being of those around you with the energy of love. Hundreds of times each day you can opt to use this ability to help heal yourself and loved ones and to comfort and encourage those close to you and much away. You even have the capacity to influence world events by sending love.

You can opt to use your power of love, to dismiss it or even to lock it off. Needless to say, I was not the only influence on that baby. Her mother might have nursed herdaddy could have jiggled her just right, she might have been prepared to sleep and possibly lots of different people on the plane were also sending her love. Isn’t that delicious to imagine being a little baby surrounded by a jetload of people sending you love- even once you cry! I will never prove that my love helped that infant. And there is no need to prove it! One thing I know without a doubt: sending love helped me!


By clipping into myself and focusing on love, I felt much happier than when I had just tried to ignore the crying or had felt annoyed by it. Even if the baby had cried for the entire trip I might have enjoyed sending love. Sending love with the objective of getting her to be silent would not have been love, do it? Every day you’re traveling on the plane of life- surrounded by people, sharing space, sharing breath, near some people you want to get to know and near others you want to keep away from.

Every day, as you journey on that plane of life, you’re making hundreds, even thousands, of choices regarding your mindset and way of being. How often do you consciously decide to send love? We all have had experiences of being cured by love. You’ve had experiences of touching and affecting someone with your love. But too often we neglect or minimize the value of those times. Bring more awareness to your power of love and you can begin appreciating and using it in small and big ways- to heal yourself, your loved ones and our cherished world! There are a number of ways to send love.

Was ist zu tun?

Wie ich es im Flugzeug gemacht habe, ist einer meiner Favoriten und einer, den ich wirklich gerne benutze und von dem mir meine Kunden sagen, dass sie ihn benutzen und genießen.

  • Connect with love. Just settle into your self and recall a time you felt really loving. Let yourself remember in detail. For me it’s quite easy to feel the love and joy that I have with my own grandson. Anything or place or person that stirs up the feelings of love for you will operate.
  • Spüren Sie die Empfindungen der Liebe in Ihrem Körper. Lassen Sie diese sich ausdehnen und vertiefen und wachsen. Stellen Sie sie sich vor und genießen Sie sie mit Ihren Sinnen. Nehmen Sie die körperlichen Empfindungen wahr. Lassen Sie die Erinnerungen vollständiger und lebendiger in Ihnen werden.
  • Schwelgen Sie in den Gefühlen, die diese Erinnerungen in Ihnen hervorrufen. Lassen Sie diese Gefühle wachsen und sich ausdehnen und Sie nähren. Stellen Sie sich vor, dass die Liebe von einem zu dem oder denjenigen fließt, die Sie mit Ihrer Liebe segnen möchten. Das ist gut für Sie! Und es ist gut für uns alle, die wir über diesen Flug des Lebens diskutieren!
  • Beanspruchen Sie Ihre Kraft der Liebe und Sie werden jeden Tag Wege sehen, sie zu nutzen. Sie und alle um Sie herum werden davon profitieren.