Lächelnde Blondine steht und bricht Zigarette auf weißem Hintergrund

Wie verwendet man Hypnose, um mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören?

You can eliminate your habit with hypnosis to stop smoking if you personally wish to stop. Hypnosis works for anybody with an open mind who doesn’t need to be pressured to do something. That’s the reason it’s important that you need to quit smoking. If you’re giving up your habit because somebody else wants you to, hypnosis might not operate. T


here’s absolutely no reason to fear hypnosis, it’s a practice of concentrated relaxation. The objective is to allow your conscious mind become less active, which means that your subconscious will be receptive to ideas. For instance, have you ever been someplace when a tune is playing in the background but you’re doing something repetitive, something which does not take much thought. When you’re done and you’re away in the song, it’s likely that you will hum that song or sing it on your own.

That’s because your subconscious heard the tune. It’s that easy, with repetition your subconscious mind can enable you to remove the urge to smoke. Your conscious mind is what thinks, reasons and rationalizes. Sometimes you may even feel that what you’re doing is different than what you really need to do. This is the reason your conscious mind has to be rested or rested when moving through hypnosis. When you use hypnosis to stop smoking, you’ll have to strengthen the suggestion that you’re a non-smoker repeatedly. You can do so by finding a certified hypnotherapist, or utilizing self-hypnosis.

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If you visit a therapist be ready to return for many visits. They will also offer you a tape that provides techniques for relaxation so that you can achieve your subconscious in your home. When that condition is reached you will than go through a set of imaging that you’re attempting to smoke a cigarette but the flavor is so bad you’re disgusted by it, or you hate the smell and the smoke makes you ill. When you hear the proposal of how you despise cigarettes, your subconscious will eventually make this a reality to your conscious mind.

On the tape you’ll listen to just how much better you look and feel that you’re a non-smoker. At the end of the tape you’ll be brought out of the hypnotic state by being told how relaxed and energetic you feel. The results from using hypnosis to stop smoking prove to work twice in addition to using a nicotine patch or gum alone. It’s ok to use the patch together with the hypnosis if you feel this can allow you to achieve better results.


Provided that you stay consistent with the tips, you will quit smoking without any of the standard withdrawal symptoms. Using self-hypnosis works just as well as visiting a therapist. Since the therapist will provide you a tape to reinforce the suggestions of being a non-smoker made in the workplace, it’s the same as if you bought a tape or even if you make one yourself. Whatever strategy you choose hypnosis to stop smoking has functioned for millions of individuals and it can work for you too.