Fischölkapseln als Nahrungsergänzungsmittel, die Omega-3 und Vitamin A enthalten, sind sehr gesundheitsfördernd. Lachsöl in den Löffel auf dem Holztisch.

Wie kann man Hämorrhoiden mit Hausmitteln schrumpfen?

Home remedies can be used to treat hemorhoids. To reduce hemorhoids, you should follow these steps. You won’t need to have surgery to treat hemorhoids. Hemorrhoids do not pose a life-threatening or dangerous problem. It is a minor nuisance that will disappear within days or weeks after the moist.


There are four types depending on the characteristics of each type. The hemorhoids attached to the walls of rectum in the first-degree type are not removed. There would be bleeding. The hemorhoids in the second-degree type protrude from the anus of exertion, but they will retract by themselves.

This indicates that the rectal wall, sphincter connective tissue and rectal wall are still strong and elastic. The third-degree hemorhoids will prolapse, but you would need to push them back into their rectum. The fourth-degree type of hemorhoids is located outside the anus. This includes thrombosed hemorhoids. These are the ones that are usually inflamed and very painful. This type of hemorhoids can be removed surgically if you don’t take care.

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  • A suppository should contain an astringent and an anesthetic. The anesthetic will stop bleeding and the hemorhoids will shrink. The steroidal anti-inflammatory will treat the itchiness and the inflamed or torn skin around the anus or lower part of your rectum.
  • Warm a sitz bath, and soak the buttocks for 20 minutes. This will relieve the pain and clean the area. You can add Epsom salts, herbs salts, or baking powder to the bath. The relief is almost instantaneous.
  • Start taking the Omega 3 capsule 1000mg. The many benefits of fish oil can be enjoyed for life. It is important to temporarily stop taking fish oil before you have surgery. This supplement has the ability of diluting blood by preventing platelet clumping. This will improve blood circulation and aid in hemorhoids elimination.
  • Make sure you have enough fibers in your diet to ensure soft stool. This allows for easy bowel movements without straining. Do not have to go under the knife if you want to reduce hemorhoids. Home remedies are the best option for hemorhoids removal. They are safe, effective, and cheap.