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Wie kommt man dem Geheimnis der Migräne auf die Spur?

Migraines, those little bugs that make us give up all our plans for the day or for the next few weeks, leaving us with no choice but to allow them to run their destructive course. They arrive like a bad houseguest and they don’t call us ahead to let them know they’re coming. They may be noticed by us when we are unable to understand a sentence or blurred images. The clouded image remains even if you blink.

Wussten Sie schon?

You are not the only one suffering from migraines. Annually, 29.5 million Americans suffer migraines. Migraine sufferers are responsible for more than 157,000,000 lost workdays annually. Over-the-counter pain relief for headaches costs more than 4 billion dollars annually. Instead of being a victim to your migraines, you can take control and document your daily life using a migraine journal. Keep track of every snack, drink, and food you eat each day.

Not sleeping well, stress events, or fights with family members are all things to note. Note the time and date of your migraine attack. Also, take note of the medication you took, their dosages, and any relief they gave you. This will allow you to be your own health detective. It is a critical role that allows you to take responsibility for your health.


You should be aware of migraine triggers such as caffeine, nitrites, and nitrates found in processed meats, sulfites and wines, molds within cheeses, monosodium glucamate (MSG), which is found in almost all processed foods, Chinese food, and estrogen-laden foods like soy and flaxseeds. These can build up in your system and cause neurotoxicity. Rebound headaches can be caused by over-the-counter medications.

This makes it more difficult to stop taking the medication. Your journal is a holistic health audit that will help you determine what works for you and where you need to make adjustments. You will discover a lot about your own self. You may need to cleanse your system depending on how often you experience migraines. This is a crucial step to reset your organ system and allow it to heal from the trauma it has been subjected.

Natürliche Hilfe

Natural herbs, vitamins and minerals can also be used to relax your vessels, such as feverfew or B vitamins or magnesium. Talking to a qualified Holistic Health Practitioner or Herbalist, Nutritionist, or Naturopath about supplements and detox programs is important. Regular massage therapy can help reduce migraine frequency. It’s similar to removing a knot from a hose.

By integrating techniques of deep tissue, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching, and Acupressure, you can loosen tight and tense muscles. This will help to re-route stagnant patterns in the body and reduce the frequency of your attacks. You can take a proactive role in your health, and tell your houseguest that they are not welcome to return!