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Wie kann man Bettnässen verhindern?

Bedwetting is also often called night-time enuresis. It’s rather a extremely annoying and upsetting issue both for children and mothers and fathers. Most kids would stop bedwetting by themselves should they could, but generally want assistance from their parents and also doctor. It’s substantial to approach the problem coolly, keeping in mind what’s developmentally suitable for your son or daughter’s age, along with ruling out any clinical causes for bedwetting.


Here are certain methods that are helpful in stopping bedwetting behavior of your child. Consider any medical problems that may be causing bedwetting. Alongside diabetes mellitus, you can find other medical complications such as urinary tract bacterial infections (UTI), constipation and sleep problems that are associated with mattress wetting.

Reduce any tension that could be causing problem to your son or daughter. Though some tension, such as for example change in life circumstances, is inescapable, it is possible to reduce the stress due to the problem by not creating a kid experience overly embarrassed or guilty. It could be hard, ask your son or daughter to drink more quantity of water during the time to teach his bladder to carry more urine.


Don’t restriction his fluid consumption before bedtime, but do, nevertheless, reduce his coffee ingestion in the evenings. Coffee is a natural diuretic that means it is even harder to regulate the bladder. This is among the good home cures for bedwetting. Cope with the realistic problems of bedwetting through the use of water-proof mattress addresses and providing your son or daughter with throwaway underwear.

Assistance him to assist you strip his mattress of wet linens and provide them to the laundry area. Create a clear and visible way to the toilet. Put a night lighting in your child’s room, in addition to in the bathroom so he or she can find it quite easily during the night. That is mainly helpful if your son or daughter may be scared to visit the bathroom due to the dark.

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Bring your son or daughter to the bathroom ahead of you go to sleep for the night. This might mean that you have a half-sleeping child to the toilet and location him on the toilet. It could not totally halt bedwetting incidents nonetheless it will help train your son or daughter’s bladder to discharge on the bathroom. during the night. Use a prize chart with kids who are old enough to learn the difference between prize and punishment. Choose little but significant rewards which can be gained after a certain amount of dried out mornings. And create your way gradually up as he becomes even more triumphant.