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Conjunctivitis is an eye disease characterized by redness and soreness of an eye or both eyes at someone. The inflammation occurs in the clear covering that protects or coats the white part of the eye. Conjunctivitis also impacts the lines that are within the eye lids. This disease of the eye occasionally quickly manifest, but it could be a consolation that the length of the disease would only last for only a brief time period.


Or more popularly called pink eye, isn’t curable, only treatable. That means, even without drugs the disease would subside. The body will largely do its work in curtailing this eye disease. It must be noted, however, that individuals with conjunctivitis should seek immediate medical support to ease and relieve the distress that will certainly arise from its start. Otherwise, further disease or complication may surface, making the disease more painful and more discomforting. Doctors and health care professionals cite three triggers for the onset of conjunctivitis.

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  • The disease would be viral or caused by virus.
  • Conjunctivitis can be caused by allergic reactions to substances, called allergens, that cause adverse reactions in the body’s protective immune system.
  • Lastly, conjunctivitis can be bacterial in nature.

Conjunctivitis caused by bacteria would be the fastest- recovery. Such type of conjunctivitis will also tend to become less distracting. Apart from three mentioned, specialists attribute conjunctivitis to other factors which might include nutrient deficiency, allergy to chicken meat, contact lens overuse, chemical connections, intrusion of foreign substances to the ultraviolet and eye or thermal burns.

Home remedy?

The regular home remedy advised to victims or patients of conjunctivitis might be somehow discomforting and frightening. But the matter is, although medical and contemporary science don’t give specific and exact reason behind it, is surprisingly powerful. Adhering to simple home treatments, the conjunctivitis victim is recommended to set a mild slat solution to the infected eye. If it’ll be uncomfortable and too painful, opening the eyes in a little tub containing just a tiny pinch of salt in it could be an alternative measure.

Upon doing this, be certain to wash your hands after. That’s because conjunctivitis is dispersed and hauled through touching things that might also be touched by others, particularly your housemates and nearest and dearest. It would be imperative to consult or seek support from the physician to pinpoint or determine the origin of the infection.

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Conjunctivitis caused by bacteria can be relived by antibiotic eye ointments or eye drops. If the cause is viral or allergens, then the disease wouldn’t be immediately relived, but the physician can attempt to prescribe other sensible medications to soothe out. Conjunctivitis caused by allergens or allergy-causing chemicals might also be relived by taking in antihistamines, that’s the usual and most frequent drug prescribed to individuals with asthma and other allergies.

It’s observed that individuals are more inclined to the eye disease immediately after recovering from colds. Remember that conjunctivitis is contagious, and you should be in a position to give your share in curtailing the disease’s spread. Always wash your hands and avoid making physical connections with items which might be in constant physical contact with other folks. Prevention is far better than cure. Help stop the spread of pink eyes.