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Wie beugt man Brustkrebs vor?

Cancer has been among the top illnesses in our present moment. In actuality, in the most recent report from Reuters, patients infected with this disease has increased by 8.2M in the year 2012. Among the leading cancer illnesses that’s been reported is breast cancer. In the U.S. alone, it’s been found that patients with this illness has attained 697,020 and those are both female and male patients.

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The leading cause that resulted in the said illness is that the change in the lifestyle of individuals. What are the causes of breast cancer? Doctors and Physicians are still clueless regarding the specific cause of the illness. However, they’ve come with various potential reasons why one person would create such an illness. Genetics – girls who have a close relative who has/had ovarian or breast cancer are more likely to deal with this cancer.

The vast majority of breast cancer patients however, aren’t hereditary. Women who carry the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have a higher risk of developing ovarian or breast cancer. These genes can be inherited. TP53, another receptor, can be linked to higher breast cancer risk. Since there’s no particular cause for breast cancer, it’s ideal to find ways on how best to avoid acquiring the said illness.

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Here are some of the probable ways for you to protect against contracting the disease.

  • Exercise – There is nothing more important that providing appropriate exercise as part of our everyday routine.
  • Diet – Along with exercise would come along appropriate diet so as to keep yourself healthy.
  • Taking nutritional supplements – A great deal of herbal supplements are out in the market now that have several good results or benefits to our body.


For one to have the ability to reduce contracting cancer, they need to get supplements that contain high ORAC values or in order words, a great deal of anti-oxidants. Summing things up, cancer is something which we can stop if we would only have the ability to build our immune system with the assistance of anti-oxidants.