Akne oder Pickel auf besorgt aussehendem Mann

Wie kann man die Entstehung von Aknenarben verhindern?

Many people suffering from acne are knowledgeable about acne scars. Although acne alone is a severe problem, the potential for getting permanent scars from the acne gets the feeling even worse. The thing is that people aren’t utilizing the best acne product in preventing the acne in the first place, so because they face the prospect of getting acne scars.


Pimples are an ideal target for picking or squeezing, which is a futile effort in eliminating them. But, picking and squeezing is something which you shouldn’t do because it is going to just about make matters worse. I’m positive you have heard this advice often, but you must attempt to keep your hands away from your face. First of all, your hands have many germs and bacteria, primarily because your hands are the most vulnerable part of the body.

Germs and bacteria

This means that placing your hands in your face is sure to transfer a good deal of germs and bacteria. And if that was not bad enough, all the germs and bacteria which are moved are being drawn to the region where you’re squeezing and this opens a breach in your skin. To put it differently, you’re multiplying the germs and problem.

Depending on the type of acne you’ve got and in your face type, pimples which are chosen or squeezed, may become unsightly scars, leaving your skin to be discoloured and disfigured. While squeezing pimples isn’t a good idea, it’s acceptable within certain constraints. You need to totally refrain from trying to remove any scars on your own.

This is absolutely a job for a trained dermatologist that does this for a living and utilizes the correct equipment. Messing with scars will make the scars worse. If you feel you can not live with the scars, then you need to make an appointment with a dermatologist and he’ll remove them.


On the other hand, you may be on some sort of acne treatment and trying to maintain your skin scar free by preventing pimples from forming in the first location. If your existing acne product is not working for you, find the best acne product on the market now which will stop you from getting acne scars in the first location. The best acne treatment is made up of deep body and facial washes, a protection lotion, and herbal supplements. It should ensure that your pores are clean of bacteria, and prevents and above all reduces the odds of acne bacteria multiplying and clogging your pores.