Wie kann man ein schnelles Hausmittel gegen Verstopfung herstellen?

One topic that is uncomfortable for everyone, especially if you have it, is constipation. Most people have experienced constipation at one time or another. It is when your bowels don’t move as often or empty completely when they do move. It can cause your stool to become very hard, making it difficult to excrete and causing more discomfort.

Constipation Causes

Constipation can be caused by many things, and most of them are not serious unless it is severe. Changes in diet, physical activity, and inadequate fluid intake are all possible causes. Constipation can become more severe if it continues to persist. There are home remedies that can help prevent constipation. They have very few side effects. Red wine is one home remedy that I have tried. Red wine has a cleansing effect, although we don’t advocate alcohol consumption.

A simple, yet effective home remedy for constipation that is not as complicated as what they used to use in the hospital is soap. You can apply the recommended treatment in the shower. After washing, you should lather the area and wait for it to rise for a few minutes. After leaving the shower, you will notice a decrease in bowel movements and a quicker process.

Pflanzliche Hilfe

Other natural or herbal treatments are also effective. The constipation treatment that pear can provide is excellent. Consider adding pears to your daily diet if you are a chronic sufferer. A medium-sized pear, taken after breakfast or dinner, can help the bowels move. Grapes and prunes are great for constipation relief.

These fruits have a combination of cellulose and sugar that creates a laxative effect. They can help with constipation and also tone the stomach and intestines to alleviate chronic constipation. You can also use figs and papaya as home remedies for constipation. To work as a laxative, it takes only half a papaya to be eaten with breakfast. Both dried and fresh figs can be used as laxatives. You Want Me to Drink What? We can’t forget the famous home remedy for constipation, which is even used with infants. Castor oil in warm milk would be that. I’ve also found that adding a little karo syrup (or castor oil) to warm milk can help move the bowels and make it taste better.


As a home remedy for constipation, two teaspoons of aloe can be taken daily. If none of these sound appealing, you can still drink a few glasses of water and go for a walk. Immobility is the leading cause of constipation, followed by dehydration. To stay healthy, your body needs fluids as well as movement. This includes our bowels.