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Wie geht man mit einer Hefe-Infektion um?

Candida or yeast infections can cause severe itching, burning, and irritation. This can be difficult to manage if you have a busy work schedule or other activities. This article will provide information on safe and effective ways to treat yeast infections. These methods are easy to follow and can be used to quickly and effectively get rid of the yeast infection.

Keep in Mind

These methods address the root cause of Candida or yeast infections in your digestive tract. You are likely to have a carton or two of yogurt in your fridge, as most women do. Yogurt might be part of your weight loss plan. It may surprise you to know that yogurt, which is a great probiotic diet supplement is also a great remedy for yeast infections.

The yeast infection can be treated with bacteria found naturally in yogurt. Yogurt not only soothes, but also kills your yeast infection. You should be eating yogurt with your meals if you haven’t already. Yogurt will not only help with your yeast infection but it will also protect you from future yeast infections. You can also apply yogurt to the affected area. It has a cooling effect that will relieve the itching and burning caused by the yeast infection. It can be applied directly to the inside of your vagina for quick relief. Cold yogurt can be used to immediately relieve burning. You can apply yogurt to the vagina by coating a tampon in cold yogurt and inserting it into the valve. The infection will disappear quickly.

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Garlic is another ingredient you can keep at home. Garlic is another ingredient that you will always have at home. It is no wonder garlic can be used to help you get rid a yeast infection. Garlic paste can be used to treat yeast infections. Although you may be averse to garlic’s strong smell, consider the benefits it provides for Candida infections.

Combine the garlic paste and oil. Wrap it in a piece gauze and place the packet in your vagina. After a few hours, remove the packet. This procedure will provide you with amazing relief. You can be certain to get rid of the irritating infection if you continue this treatment for a few more days.