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Wie kann man Hämorrhoidenschmerzen lindern?

Home hemorhoid pain relief is not only possible, but also very effective. Hemorrhoids can be described as swollen blood vessels in the rectum or anus. These hemorhoids are not more than a nuisance. They will cause you discomfort and temporary pain. If you take immediate action to eliminate them, they will disappear in a matter of days.


There are two types of hemorhoids: external and internal. The rectum wall is lined with internal hemorhoids. These are first-degree hemorhoids if the hemorhoids do not break apart. They will not bleed. The internal hemorhoids can be pushed out of their anus if the rectal walls to them become weaker. This is the second-degree type. The third-degree type is for those who need to push the hemorhoids back with a finger.

The anus is always clear of fourth-degree hemorhoids. This includes thrombosed hemorhoids. These two types would require surgery to remove, but you don’t have to go under the knife if there are other home remedies.


  • Warm sitz bath: You will soak your waist into warm water. The warm water can contain any of these: Epsom salts or tea, herbal salts, baking powder, and so on. These natural astringents will shrink hemorhoids and ease the associated pain. You should use soap with a pH of at least 5.5 to wash your skin.
  • Apply warm and cold compresses alternately to the hemorhoids. Each cycle takes ten minutes. This will relieve your pain by repeating the process several times per day.
  • A suppository can be used that contains an anesthetic and an astringent. The astringent will reduce hemorhoids, while the anesthetic will ease the pain. The steroid will also heal the inflamed and torn skin around the anus.
  • Take a Vitamin C 1000 mg tablet immediately and continue to take this supplement for as long as you like. This supplement has been shown to strengthen blood vessels and other body cells. You can also shrink hemorhoids if you use a preparation with rutin, bioflvoids, and hesperidin.


Home remedies can provide pain relief for hemorhoids without the need to resort to surgery. They are safe, effective, and cheap.