Frau legt einen Eisbeutel auf ihre Nackenschmerzen

Wie bekämpft man schlimme Kopfschmerzen?

Although we all have experienced headaches, there are some that are so severe that it is unbearable. It feels like a stabbing pain in your skull. They are what I call “skull crushing”. They are the worst type of headache and the most difficult to treat. A headache cannot be treated quickly and is not a good sign. There are many causes and types of headaches. This will determine the best strategy to get rid of them.


The most common type is the stress and sinus headache variety. Stress can cause tightness in the neck and shoulders, which can lead to headaches. Many people work at a desk with their heads facing forward. A noted physical therapist and Kinesiologist explained to me that every inch you tilt your head forward, your neck must support 10 pounds more weight. As it stands, the average head weighs between 9 and 10 pounds. If your head is slanted forward, say 3 inches, your neck will need to support 30 more pounds. It’s no wonder our necks become so stiff and painful.

This pain can often lead to a headache at your base of the skull. It is important to maintain a relaxed posture so that neck muscles are not overstrained.

Was ist zu tun?

For desk workers, it is a good idea to get up every 20-30 minutes, move around, tilt your head slowly forward and backward, and then to stand up. Touch your chest with your chin. Do a few neck rolls to finish. This should help to strengthen the neck muscles. It is important to not allow your neck muscles to become “locked” in one position for too long. It is best to move computers and other reading materials as close as possible to your eyes.

Ergonomic office furniture is available if your company is in the process of replacing desk chairs or is ready to do so. You can also avoid tension headaches by keeping your phone off your shoulders. Physical therapists recommend headsets if you spend a lot of time on the phone. A cold compress or flexible pack of ice can quickly relieve your caffeine headaches, whether you’re at work or on the road. The coolness on your forehead prevents muscles from contracting more.


There are many other ways to reduce headache pain than ibuprofen, but the best is to know how to avoid the headaches you get most often. This will help you avoid the things that can trigger them. I created this forum after experiencing the escalating pain of sinus headaches. I researched and consulted specialists about the different types and how to treat them.