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Wie bekämpft man Migräne?

Migraines are a hassle in a category of their own. They cause incredible amounts of pain and let you lose out on large chunks of life. When a migraine appears, it may stick around for four to seventy two hours and results in a lot of symptoms such as nausea, migraines, sensitivity to sounds and lights along with a state of mental confusion.


There’s 1 type of symptom that’s usually seen in these sort of headaches. These migraine auras seem as hallucinations and abrupt flashing lights that could appear even before the aggravation has taken hold. Headaches with these kinds of symptoms are also called’Classic Migraines’. Each person will experience this sort of headache differently with symptoms lasting many hours or just temporarily.

For many people, migraines are a constant fear in their own lives. Other individuals might only have a couple of migraines in a year. Luckily, there are lots of methods to treat migraine headaches in this era. Symptoms can be calmed down tremendously and also the frequency of headaches can be slowed down to a high level. Studies have indicated that migraines are caused by a change in the amount of dopamine and dopamine in the brain. The body reacts to these changes and causes inflammation to happen.

Additionally, there are strong genetic connections with seventy percent of people with symptoms have a family history of it. There are numerous other things that are believed to trigger a migraine headache such as: specific foods (such as alcohol and caffeine), physical exertion, missing meals, sleep difficulties, prescription drugs, hormonal changes, fatigue and anxiety. When you go to the doctor they’ll have a good look at your medical and family history before giving you a diagnosis. It’s an excellent idea to keep a journal of your headache frequency and duration in the weeks leading up to your doctors appointment.


Many drugs that treat other ailments have a negative effect of lessening the intensity of migraine headaches. Certain anti-depressants and anti-convulsants have a particularly good reputation of assisting with them. Using herbs to treat headaches is getting increasingly more common.

This sort of treatment strategy targets treating underlying symptoms which often lead to migraines like anxiety and changes in hormone levels. Passiflora, Black Cohosh and Don Quai are famous for fighting many of the significant causes of those headaches. If you’re not sure which ones to use then it would be smart to visit a local naturopath or homeopath for advice.