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Wie heilt man Zehennagelpilz?

To prevent your toenail fungal infection from spreading to your feet and nails, it is important to keep your feet and nails dry. To help prevent the spread of toenail fungus, I will give you 11 easy tips. First, I want to discuss toenail fungal disease. There is no cure or treatment for it.

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Most home remedies don’t work. It can take between 6 and 18 months to get rid of the fungus. Toenail fungus is a disease that thrives in the area between your nails and the nail bed. It is important to keep your nails trimmed back to the nailbed to prevent the fungus from spreading. Warm shoes, such as those that don’t let your feet breathe and dry out, are key to the fungus’s survival.

Be vigilant and don’t get discouraged. There is no quick cure for toenail fungus. You have to be patient and persistent. There are many options, including topical and oral medications. Surgery is an option but it is not often considered. Oral medication is effective for around 80% of cases, but it is rarely used because it is too risky. Most people who are suffering from fungus pain use oral medication.


It is rare for the fungus symptoms to become severe. If you follow a regimen to keep your nails fungus-free as the nail grows out, topical treatments may work. Topical treatments are safe and effective. The simple steps I have listed below will prevent the fungus from spreading further and help to keep your nails fungus-free.

  • After showering or bathing, dry your nails and between your toes using a hair dryer.
  • Use foot powder in your socks or shoes.
  • Shoes with good ventilation will allow your feet to breathe.
  • While at home, you can go barefoot or just socks.
  • Wear sandals or open-toed shoes on hot summer days.
  • After a workout, change into dry socks and shoes.
  • You should dry your shoes completely overnight if they are wet.
  • At all times, keep your nails trimmed to the nail bed.
  • Always bring extra dry socks and shoes with you when you go out.
  • You should use a separate pair for infected nails.
  • After each use, clean your nail clippers with alcohol.