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Wie heile ich meine Hefe-Infektion?

Are you looking for a treatment to your yeast infection? There is no easy way to treat yeast infections. However, there are some that are a little more straightforward. Today, I will share some of my tips that I have learned over the years to help with yeast infection treatment. I know that not everyone is ready to try the natural way of curing yeast infections.


You’ve probably heard that the only type of yeast infection treatment you can get is the one you buy at the store. They are correct in a way, as everything comes from one place. However, not all yeast infection treatments need to be packaged as a yeast infection treatment. Instant apple cider vinegar is one example. This substance has been the subject of books that have been published about its amazing natural abilities. One of these is to treat yeast infections.

There are a few options to try this approach. You can first douche with apple cider vinegar, but don’t get too excited. Some people believe that too much of something is bad. This is one such instance.

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Douching is not good, but you can make the yeast infection go away by using apple cider vinegar. If you don’t like the idea douching, why not take a relaxing bath? Everyone loves a good excuse to get in the tub, right? Here’s a suggestion: Place one cup of apple cider vinegar in a shallow tub and let it soak for twenty minutes. This works well because it leaves the vinegar on the outside, but also a little inside.

Yogurt is another option. Yogurt is a great treatment for yeast infections. It has been the only solution for yeast infections for as long as pharmaceutical solutions have been around. Because it’s full of natural acidophilus, many women will try it first. This is what our bodies need to heal painful infections. You can either make yogurt suppositories or douch with yogurt. To place the yogurt in your yogurt suppositories, you can freeze thin yogurt strips. Talk about cool, refreshing relief! This is it. This is what I will warn you about. This product is not recommended for people with a dairy allergy.


If you believe natural home remedies are passé, don’t hesitate to try them. There are many products that claim to be the best for yeast infections. You will find they all contain the same thing, and you can see the same ingredients if you look closely. You can save money by looking at the labels and reading the ingredients. Most store brands are at least a few dollars cheaper, but still contain the exact same stuff as the higher-end brands. Make sure you look at the entire box before you place anything inside. This will ensure you are aware and aware of all possible side effects.