Nahaufnahme von 3d mikroskopisch kleinen blauen Bakterien

Wie heilt man bakterielle Vaginose zu Hause?

Did you know that there is a natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis that you can use now to relieve this embarrassing, uncomfortable, and most importantly, embarrassing condition? If you’ve tried every possible over-the-counter remedy and expensive antibiotic course from your doctor, you may be at the end.

Was passiert hier?

I know that I felt like giving up. I hated going into work, hated the train, and hated being near people. To be honest, I knew that people had commented on my “body odor” in the office and I didn’t know what I should do. I spent half of my time trying to “freshen myself up” in the bathroom at work. I started looking for solutions myself, as no one could help me. I found a natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis and decided to give it a try.

My vaginal odor was terrible. Imagine my surprise and relief when, just three days after I started using the natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis, I was completely symptom-free! I was both thrilled and annoyed at the same moment. I felt like I had wasted two whole years of my life suffering from this terrible, disgusting condition. If you have bacterial vignanosis, it is a sign that something isn’t right. It is a sign your body is out-of-balance.


There are two types of bacteria in the vagina: good and bad. The “bad” bacteria is removed by the “good” bacteria, and balance is restored. If you have BV it means that your body cannot control the bad bacteria to the extent it has. This happens often without us realizing it! Antibiotics are essentially killing all bacteria, good and bad.

This means that even though you may feel better for a while, the bacteria will return. Studies have shown that 77% of women who take antibiotics to treat bacterial vaginosis develop it again within a few months. Because of its nature, a home remedy for bacterial vaginosis is more effective than any medical treatment. You can restore your body to normal by restoring balance.