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Wie kontrolliert man Migräne-Kopfschmerzen?

For years, we have been hearing that exercise and proper diet can make us feel better. For migraine sufferers, this advice may be a little more relevant as researchers point to the food we eat and how much exercise we get as possible triggers. It’s hard to argue that it isn’t beneficial to eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods, and get plenty of exercise each day. The health benefits are undeniable.

Gesunde Gewohnheiten

Many people don’t realize that healthy habits can help with migraine pain. Although migraines cannot be completely eliminated, lifestyle changes can help to reduce or control triggers. Trigger is a common term for migraine sufferers. There are food triggers that can lead to migraine pain, according to some sources.

Alcohol and foods containing tyramine or sodium nitrate are some of the most common triggers. These foods include peanut butter, chocolate, and certain aged cheeses. A diet high in fat, low in fruits and veggies, and other specific foods can have a negative impact.

Take Into Account

Fasting or dehydration can worsen migraines or increase their frequency. Mixed reviews have been given to exercise for migraine relief. Some people find exercise to be a trigger for migraines, making it difficult to incorporate exercise into their daily health care routine. For others, exercising may reduce the severity or frequency of migraines, which can be a major incentive to keep fit. Although it can be difficult to determine whether exercise triggers migraine pain, you can at least reduce stress, improve your mood, and loosen tight muscles.

Regular exercise has more benefits than its negative side. Even a 30 minute walk or bike ride a day can reduce migraine pain. Start slowly by going for a short walk or biking. If you feel unaffected, increase the intensity and frequency of your exercise.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga has been a relaxing method that many people have found beneficial. Yoga, a spiritual form, has a positive effect upon emotional stress. This has been linked to migraines and even suggested as a trigger. Yoga is relaxing and helps to release tension that builds up over time. When the body is stressed, chemicals can cause blood vessels to dilate and pressure to build up in the brain. This can lead to migraines.

Meditation and breathing techniques such as yoga can help reduce stress. Research on the effects of exercise and diet on migraine pain is not conclusive. It’s worth a try for anyone who has ever experienced the debilitating pain that comes with this type of illness. What are the side effects of exercising more and watching your diet? A smaller waistline. It’s not something that anyone will complain about.