Kreative Komposition aus einer Stahlkopie eines menschlichen Gehirns, das Hanteln hebt. Das Konzept des Gehirns Übungen, um den Geist zu stärken.

Wie kontrolliert man Angstanfälle?

Although Mental Calisthenics seems to be an obscure art, they should be a routine for anyone suffering from anxiety attacks. It is amazing to me how much emphasis our society places on a muscular, healthy body. You would think that the outer body must be one among the mythical Greek Gods or Goddesses.

Wussten Sie schon?

Millions of people spend millions of dollars every day working out to achieve this physique. Although I don’t have anything against being fit, it is important to remember that we all set aside time each day to work out to make our bodies feel great and achieve perfection. It has become a passion. To stay fit and look good, we buy books, gym equipment and memberships to gyms.

All one hears on the Boob tube is: Lose weight, exercise, look great and be like the models in the commercials. It’s amazing how much attention is paid to our physical bodies when the Mind is our greatest asset. Without it, our physical body would be useless.

Mental Capacity

How much time do you spend working out and trying to improve your Mental Capacity? It is the heart of our being and we neglect its health like the plaque. We are too busy trying to be great to open our minds. Many people suffer from anxiety and panic attacks as a result. The mind is not equipped to deal with the difficult situations that we face in our daily lives.

Take the example of job cuts, company downsizing, and foreclosures. These are all part of the daily struggle to make ends meet. There are also our children, our parents, and Heaven only knows what other issues we will have to deal with in a given day. What would our bodies look like if we didn’t exercise? It will eventually give up and we’ll be disappointed because we couldn’t accomplish what we planned. We exercise to strengthen our endurance and muscles.


Our mind is no different. It needs exercise to stay alert and sharp to handle situations and problem solving. Just as our physical body limits us, so does our mind. Exercise can also limit our mental capabilities and deprive us of a healthy lifestyle. Anxiety and panic attacks affect over 40 million Americans. Most of these problems are caused by a lack of exercise. You can get rid of most anxiety attacks by using home remedies.