Probleme mit Akne und Narben auf der weiblichen Haut.

Wie schlägt man Akne bei Teenagern?

To handle this condition, understand that contemporary methods and treatments are capable of reducing its effects. Since acne was categorized as an illness, and not just something which happens because you’re in the adolescent years, medical and science experience has developed several methods of managing it.

Eliminate acne

One old fable that’s been removed is that you eliminate acne from eating chocolate or greasy foods. But you can make it worse by using oily skin products which clog your pores. It’s true nevertheless that the condition of the skin may be improved in the case of disorders by treating it from inside as well as without. That’s to say that the blood supply to the skin needs to be in top order. Treatment of acne may thus be effected on three accounts, proprietary treated acne lotions, face washing, and taken per mouth remedies.


Skin care and face washing. Scratching, rubbing and picking at acne spots will make them more prone to disease, and cause longer scarring. To be able to obtain the most out of any acne cream, it ought to be utilised in combination with a constant face washing program. Whatever is put on the skin during puberty shouldn’t contain any oils or petroleum based material. This will increase the problem. So find a water based, gentle face wash and use twice per day. The cleaners have to be mild, don’t wash too frequently or the skin will dry out. The outcome is that the daily cycle of grime that creates is eliminated, diminishing the chance of pores getting blocked.


The perfect remedies are defined for the phases of acne.

Mild with white heads and blackheads. If you receive regular outbreaks of a few pimples, obtain an over the counter an acne cream. Select one that includes benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Be patient and keep on with the use in accordance with the provided instructions, even for more than a month. Expect a deterioration in the condition before it starts to improve.

Minor reddish bumps called papules.

Large swollen lumps called pustules which live in the upper skin layers that heal without permanent scars. At this point the best advice is to find professional, typically a general practitioners examination, and begin a course of prescription medication.

This usually takes the kind of cream and oral drugs – such as topical retinoids and oral antibiotics. Patience again is necessary for clearing of the acne, but it generally takes place, and even in severe cases of acne success is often as large as 80% after five weeks of therapy.

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Note that your skin will be especially sensitive to direct sunlight as you’re on this treatment. Further treatment. Topical antibiotics, antibiotic lotions. Antibiotics could be contained in more active instances of infection, however there’s a limit as to how long a patient may continue on them prior to antigens develop a resistance to them. If the initial prescription isn’t performing the job of curbing infection, then your physician will most likely change to another antibiotic. In instances where female patients haven’t responded to the above therapy, oral contraceptives, and sometimes androgen hormone suppressants can be treated. These can regulate the hormone situation in females. Acne scars. The red marks left after an infected pimple has cured will take six to twelve weeks to remodel and proceed. If they stay after a year, they may be considered permanent. The only option left then is to experience dermatological restorative therapy. Until acne outbreaks are cleared completely, scar therapy isn’t suggested.

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There are numerous procedures that are readily available to restore the skin following serious acne scarring, but they don’t come cheaply.

There’s some evidence in medical research a combination of antibiotics and oral contraceptives can decrease the effectiveness of the oral contraceptives.

Retinoids are acceptable for maintenance treatment as a result of their wide ranging anti-acne success without causing bacterial immunity within the long-term and their anti inflammatory consequences. However, there are usually relapses when treatment is withdrawn following successful initial therapy.

Used topically as a gel or cream the negative effects are related mainly to local effects, such as dryness, itching and stinging.

To prevent your acne reaching a severe problem as from stages 3 upward, it is sensible to initiate long term treatment whenever possible. As with any health issue in a persons life, from physical to emotional, the crucial treatment is to be found in stimulating blood flow.


The reasons are almost always obvious, but indefinitely require repeating. Apart from supplying fresh oxygen into the bodies cells, carbon dioxide and toxins are eliminated. Thus the cell cycle is encouraged for more efficient operation. Considering that our whole body is composed from cells of diverse forms, the effort put into a cardio stimulation leads to beneficial health gains.