Junge Frau schaut auf Schimmel im Schrankbereich in der Küche

Wie kann Schimmel ein ernsthaftes Problem sein?

It never happened to me, too, that what I was experiencing could be a health issue from mould. How was I to know that mold can cause such severe symptoms? When I attended a 4-day convention and was away from home this long, my “sinusitis” mysteriously cleared up. At the moment, I believed that the disease was associated with anxiety and that I must have only wanted a holiday.

Who was I kidding?

The convention was extremely stressful, but I did not experience any of the frustrations nor the stuffiness I endured with at home. Upon my return, the very same symptoms immediately returned – the coughing, the sneezing, the stuffy nose, and the headaches. It was so awful that I had to visit a doctor even before I had the opportunity to unpack my luggage. After eliminating all kinds of potential causes, the fantastic doctor suddenly lit up when I said that I participated in some spring cleaning a couple weeks back.

I threw away the majority of the things in the cellar that have become moldy because of leak in the pipes I haven’t found until that moment. He explained that given the conditions, he was fairly sure my symptoms were indicative of a health issue from mould. When I returned home, I went down to the basement to inspect areas the doctor suggested: beneath the rug, along the corners of the area, and on the walls – and sure enough, there was extensive black mold growth! When my wife followed me , she immediately experienced a burning sensation in her eyes. We immediately contacted professionals that could perform the cleanup job safely and quickly, and after a few days of cleaning, this insufferable health issue for mould that made my life miserable for months came to an end.

Was nun?

The experts suggested that I install dehumidifiers in many rooms in the home, foremost of which are the basement and the attic. They said these are the areas that barely get any natural sunlight and are retained dank due to poor ventilation. They added that I need to keep the humidity levels in my home under 60 to make certain that mold growth wouldn’t recur.


If you believe that you’re having a health issue from Black Mold, try to look at the most likely places where mold may proliferate – the cellar, the toilet, the loft, as well as the laundry area. You can even check the areas behind appliances in the kitchen that don’t get cleaned out too frequently. For mild cases, you can wash these areas yourself by using a gentle borax solution or any ordinary detergent and making certain it’s totally dried after cleaning. Remember – any health problem from mould may not be completely solved when you won’t reach the root of the issue.